Girl meets mask

It turns out that I am afraid of masks. As much as I struggle to scrounge up a new skin for every post, I am loath to cover Portia’s face. It feels profoundly dehumanizing. Since I’m still on my D/S tear, however, I figured I could try working MetaTheodora’s Foundling mask into a humiliation scenario. What would it be like to wake up alone in a damp, cavernous space, locked into a heavy mask? Trying at some moments to make out the words on the mask, fingers tracing the lines. Trying at others to find a door without being hobbled by your heels, without tripping over trash or tumbling into boxes. Thinking the text must be in code and then realizing it’s Latin. Something you forgot about after highschool. The mask, which bears a line from a poem by Lucretius, is available now at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Oddly, although I found a translation of the line the other day on a handy website, I cannot find one now. No res is being revealed in this post.
Portia’s Loordes of London corset and leg tattoo are prizes in the Sexy and I Know it Hunt 2. The divine puppeteer tat inspired me to visit Dr. Kit’s Bondage Puppet Theater, where Portia may still be in a box when I’m not looking.

Credits to creators
MetaTheodora, Foundling Mask – LUCRETIUS (Common) (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival; ty Sian!)
Loordes of London-Moulin Rouge Corset-#5-M and undies (1L or 5L? in the Sexy and I Know it Hunt 2)
Love Zombie – Marionette Tattoo (1L or 5L? in the Sexy and I Know it Hunt 2)
Essences – Luaflor *lait* blonde (old TDRF skin I think)
BowChicka – Purismo 2 – *B* – Brushed Gold for Slink High Feet (same pack has medium feet version; these are colour change)
*{Junbug}* Freyja’s Collar – Night -(not too old gacha)
Pure Poison – Locked Hand Cuff (VIP group gift; fee to join)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Slink, Female Feet (AvEnhance) XS – High


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