Izrahli in the rain

Some women’s trees are bigger and wetter than yours. If you don’t like the rain, you shouldn’t venture past the cut. Not even with an umbrella.

The Fantasy Faire is still in full swing, but only through Sunday. Today I’m sharing Izrahli, one of Aikea Rieko’s brightest and best tattooed skins for The Plastik. As always, Ms. Rieko aims to make all your fantasies come true with an array of beautiful combinations of unusual skin tones and decorative tats. These tats travel all the way around and down, decorating the best parts of a woman’s body. A complete package of appliers is sold separately. Don’t forget there’s an RFL charity edition featuring a pale purple skin tone with an orange tat.

Credits to creators
Izrahli is available at Fantasy Faire.
:[Plastik]:- Astrali Skin[Toned-Down]:// Izrahli (thank you Aikea Rieko)
:[Plastik]: Eyebrow Shaper://3 (included with Izrahli skin)
:[Plastik]:- Astrali Eyesh shadow:// Mint (included with Izrahli skin)
:[Plastik]:- Sonorus Ears:// Izrahli (included with Izrahli skin)
BRB.accessorises *bambi hug* earrings R (old *season hunt*)
little bones. Black Magic (old VIP gift; two new ones are now in store) [I <3 little bones and the gifts are plentiful]
!gO! khaleesi desert skirt – M (gacha and hella sexy split skirt)
aisling, ferala bracalet gold (gacha)
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
[Keystone] Amary's Nose chains [Golden][Double] (NEW at Fantasy Faire)
shot @ H22O, where it always rains
BTW, I bought all the gacha items from yard sales

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