A little racy

ponyplay When I think of pony play I feel exhausted. I find neither training nor sustained physical exertion erotic. It is the case that I can appreciate the aesthetics of the transformed body—at least as described by Molly Weatherfield in Safe Word—but I can’t imagine ever having that kind of body or eating the apples that go with it. That said, Cameron Vasiliov’s Dark Horse jumpsuit for B.D.R. inspired me to take a run at a pony-girl costume. Each of the colours available for sale comes with a HUD allowing you to combine the colour in eight different ways with black. The outfit allows for Lolas but Hedda left her hers at the barn for the milking machines to play with. All the pony gear is free on Marketplace, as detailed below. nadu da da

I took today’s pictures at Boundwarts, a new BDSM sim still being built but open for play. To be perfectly honest, I have stayed away from dungeons because most BDSM sims do not think about aesthetics. The textures are worse torture than the toys. I am thrilled to report that the Boundwarts owners have created beautiful underground chambers and caves for you to explore. The caves photograph like Rembrandt made ’em, but I think they are just from Fanatik.


I had never tried RLV before visiting Boundwarts, and I made some rookie mistakes. The idea of trusting an object seemed rather poetic to me, but my trust left Hedda struggling endlessly to escape a stalactite trap. I cheated by removing her collar. I mean, it’s not sexy when the stalactite isn’t taunting me like a person would. You can see pics of Hedda’s struggle, including a shot of the pony-hoofed boot, on the Pleisure Flickr.

Credits to creators
…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Dark Horse Platform Suit Size S (in red, white and pink versions; collar not worn) (ty Cameron Vasiliov!)
Open Play Pony contains the Black Pony Armbands and upper Harness and Black Pony Tail Plug and ZHAO-II – Pony HUD (with one pose shown in pic one) (free on Marketplace)
Kaelin’s Infernal Moods, Pony Play Starter kit contains the unscripted headgear (free on Marketplace)
DDD_dragonfly wings tattoos for torso and neck (in black, red, white and tintable versions at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty Tuki!)
[KOOQLA] Cherie-01(db) (old gift)
.:Senzafine:. “Moonglow” Lip Color: Vintage Reds – Amaranth
(r)M ~ (RLV) Posture Collar ~ No.07 (Size S)
Dari’s Haus, Lockable Panel Gag (free on Marketplace)
the cuffs are free but idk where I got them: one of the multiple toys Portia has mounted sent them to her so she could play properly
pic one hair: [LeLutka]-FLAPPER hair – AlmostGoth
pics two and three hair: Runaway, Lock and Roll reds


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