I am curious (salmon)

I am in the throes of intense gacha competitiveness, not with friends or bloggers generally but with the whole world. As always, I have been hitting yard sales, but I did get in to the Arcade today and snagged two rares. The price-tags on rares at yard sales are running up to 1,200L. This only makes me froth more at the mouth. My av is embarrassed to be played by me.

The gacha kimono by Pixicat doesn’t look like much on the vendor. But it has shapely sleeves. And it’s saucily short. I want to hear the silk rustle as Portia rehearses in a line of chorus girls. You’ve seen them in the movies—depression-era dolls who can’t afford to buy anything more substantial than tap pants. Portia’s look is tied together with the new Sadie hairdo, a bundle of innocent braids from MissAllSunday Lemon at Wasabi Pills.

Wasabi Pills, Sadie Gingerbread (NEW; ty Miss Lemon!)
Pixicat, Oriental Kimono Salmon (Arcade gacha)
Glam Affair, Liv Asia 09 (Arcade gacha)
Bliensen + MaiTai, Sakura (old gift necklace)
Sassy, Polished Cuff Bracelet Brown (old gacha)
Antielle, Perlea Slink nails (free group gift for SLF&O at store)
Slouch, from Saviad pose set one, now in the main store


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