It’s very evocative—the name of the new event. The Instruments it’s called. It made me orchestrate an ensemble of Zib Scaggs’ bountiful Kiele dress for Zibska and Shortcake Sugarplum’s plentiful Model Lashes for No. 7. The towering lashes are colour change and the Kiele dress, with its cage skirt and floral orbits, is available in blue and charcoal as well as the citrus and purple shades you see here. Hedda is looking a little odd as a nocturnal cutie with tanned skin. This was a Fifty Linden Friday edition of the Astrali skin from Aikea Reiko of The Plastik. The full-body tattoo is paler than the skin. And it’s gorgeous. Nobody does body art with more creativity and elegance than Ms. Rieko. lollingaround
The new version of Firestorm is giving me shadows, but in exchange it makes my pics long—like snakes and funerals.

no. 7, model lashes – top (colour change; at The Instruments; ty Shortie!)
pic 1: Zibska, Kiele ~ Citrus [includes the ribbon shoes for Slink high feet] (at The Instruments; ty Zib!)
pic 2: Zibska, Kiele ~ Purples [includes the ribbon shoes for Slink high feet] (at The Instruments; ty Zib!)
pic 2: {W&R} Bat Headband – Lavender (LB)
pic 2: .:Acid&Mala:. Bone Bracelet (store is closed I think)
Moon{Hair}. The Crooked Kind Fades (at The Chapter Four)
:[P]:- Astrali Skin[Basic]:// Feral (last 50L Friday)
.random.Matter. – Rasputina Septum – Bronze] (gem change)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
Slink, Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS – High
pose pic one: Grafica, Alma pack (at Pose Me Amazing; ty Alyx!)
location one: bah. a shark ate my av and then I was booted off the “private” sim when I tried to return, so no pic credit
location two: Winter Moon


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