Naughty’s not easy

A friend asked me what the hell Hedda was wearing on her snatch. This wasn’t one of those conversations in which a man objects to a trend because it makes a woman less sexy (e.g., a long skirt in the summer when, in theory, legs should be on display). This was one of the most important questions in SL, because finding something to provide the tiniest bit of coverage for an av’s pudendum is tough. (This post gets naughtier, but also mildly amusing, under the cut.)
Clothing layers look cheap, especially when a bikini string ranges crookedly around the hips. The only mesh undies I own are too large: they don’t give an av that almost-pornographic look. Besides, they are made of metal and I cringe at the thought of it cutting into my av’s stomach when she bends over. (And she does that a lot.) So I was chuffed to find at May’s Soul a dull gold thingamajig. It keeps my av Moderate, and it looks as though it was scavenged from a bursted Steampunk blimp. Of course, said gadget didn’t cover up Hedda’s new pubes, which are broader than a landing strip but not exactly unpruned. They come in a variety of natural colours, with various azzzzz appliers, as well as cotton-candy pink and powdered-donut white for people who want the carpet to match the empty carbs.

Credits to creators
Violent Seduction – Floral Harness (Purple) [comes in other colours, flowers are colour change. matching wrist cuffs sold separately] (at Summer Fair)
-Glam Affair- Livy skin- Artic (Arcade Gacha)
Moon{Hair}. Sweet Sorrow Fades (at The Chapter Four)
May’s Soul, pussy gold, part of the Calixto jewellery set
AITUI TATTOO – No No No /fresh/ (not available)
*ZD,* Pubic Hair Full Black Tattoo (Marketplace)
VooDoo Dollz, Straps Rose (some gacha somewhere) [requires Slink, Female Feet (AvEnhance) High]
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual –
poses: shopo.0, kneel pose pack (store seems to be gone)


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