Lunge or languish

I’ve been shooting and not showing. Partly because, with the exception of the owl tattoo, nothing here is brand new. I do recommend that you join the Kooqla group and snap up the many gifts still available. The makeup you see here comes in a pack with a white variation. Both are beautiful in-world. 
My BDSM SLife took me to Lali’s, where I discovered that they have a new line of fitmesh catsuits in latex, spandex and fashionable-pattern versions that remind me of that designer who sent models out in catsuits under clothing. Giant houndstooth catsuits, methinks. When I tried the demo I was frustrated that none of my mesh corsets fit over the catsuit. I slidered Portia into a wee wasp-waisted waif but it didn’t help, not even with an XL size. This, I imagine, is because one needs to apply the corset made by the same creator. Which I didn’t like. A 3-D corset is key if I am going to be stimulated visually. The hourglass shape of a good corset, with big breast cups and a generous flare over the hips, is mesmerizing. I like Etchaflesh and The Plastik for robust curves and good fit. Vita’s Boudoir and Devious Mind are also good, but one has to buy a whole outfit to get at the corset (and then get it off).

Credits to creators
r2 A/D/E, kagaya boots[XXS]red
Needful Pixel, Sativa Black by Jaimie Earst (comes with Tango appliers, not sure if it will be updated for new Delicq)
[KOOQLA] Mango Last Night skin (old shopping event item)
[KOOQLA] Winterbloom(black) (group gift)
[K]-Owl tattoo 100%
POMPOSITY – Bauble Madness Nipple Piercing (gacha)
(r)M ~ (RLV) Posture Collar ~ No.07 (Size S)
booN, cornrows hairbase blueblack
booN, SOT812 hair blueblack
Bright Cuffs (get these from the device your av mounts; no not him—the less tortury thing)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Medium
Apple Spice, Abstract pose pack (pic one)
location: Boundwarts


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