Hats are huge

If you like a fancy-ass hat, the Art in Hats event should be your next stop’n’shop. Anorak is sporting the new Mind Flying hat from Aliza Karu of Angels and Demons. Up top and round back it’s decorated with veiled and chained horns and bound wings. In the front, a slim triangular opening reveals only your av’s mouth. Its black and white folds evoke a nun’s headgear. Which is why your av needs to wear a slogan t-shirt and high-cut shorts—along with a slick of red lipstick. This is the only way to balance the forces of good and hella tight. There are a few awesome freebies hidden in an inner chamber at the event. Out in the open, you will find two free full-perm avatars by Meilo Minotaur and CapCat Ragu. [Thanks to Quan Lavender for the correction on the names!] One is a doll bedecked with roses and the other bears a close resemblance to a head of cabbage. There’s a gorgeous fashion photo of each hat and each one is also available for purchase. Prices for the hats vary widely, and it’s tough to guess which of the buy options will leave you reeling and which will have you squealing.

If you win the rare Hermes ankle wings from the PFC gacha at the Top Shelf event, don’t imagine they’re boxed and rez them on the ground. They flap so fast and hard it’s almost impossible to wrestle them back into your inventory.

Credits [Angel and Demons] Mind flying mesh hat (at the Art in Hats event; ty Aliza)
c.A, Azumi nails for Slink hands (at The Gallery Gift Shop; ty YukaChoco)
DRD, fingerclaws
*k.O* NY Girls Hustle Harder BlackS
MoDANNA, [Noire Collection] High Waisted Shorts (Sexy and I Know It hunt [?])
MIEL, GLADIATOR CAGE – SOLID PACK (colour change) needs Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) Mid
PFC~Hermes’ wings – RARE (at Top Shelf)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
pose one: LAP
pose two: not available


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