Scarlet in the summer

scarlet I am making my first trip to Asia tomorrow, so I can only tease you with a quick look at Scarlet, a sophisticated new skin by Sopha Portal for MUDSKIN. This is tone 5, which is a far-more luscious dark-tan tone in-world. For some reason my images pull red and I can only desaturate them, not reproduce the dark skin tone. Everything looks more gooder inworld!
onthebeach I love it when randomly acquired items of clothing look hot together. The beach, btw, was feeling a tad too anodyne. That’s why I shot nighttime Scarlet in the swamp.

Credits to creators
I admit that I am a bit scattered right now, so before you buy any skin please confirm the lip and eye makeup colours by consulting the vendor. Thank you, Sopha! MUDSKIN TP.

Day look
[ MUDSKIN ]_Scarlett_Lip Makeup6_tone5 on the base skin [MUDSKIN]_Scarlett_Blonde Eyebrow_tone5
bang! poses, 220-229 stands
location: Winter Moon

Night look
[ MUDSKIN ]_Scarlett_Eye Makeup2_tone5 with [MUDSKIN]_Scarlett_Lip Makeup4_tone5 on the base skin [MUDSKIN]_Scarlett_Brown Eyebrow_tone5
(amper) gold leaf : brown lashes (n/a)
*BOOM* The Illustrious Sproket Strand Rose Gold
pose: glitterati, headshot pack
location Green Mire (the new Madpea scavenger hunt sim)

Both looks
::C’est la vie !:: Mee Ruffled tankTop(leaf)mesh-M
pr!tty – Lo – .Heavy Roots. .Baked Ginger. (methinks this was gacha)
{SMS} Double Cotton Maxi Skirt Tropical Pink XS
normal ferala bracalet L gold (gacha)
MONS / Shocking eyes – brown


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