Dual Dido

lounging Jewelry Fair, which opens on September 13, is the place to go if you find yourself lusting for Zib Scaggs’ latest big bad Zibska baubles. Today I decided to break the new Dido set of hat and collar to create two looks. One for haute couture, seen here. One for humiliation, located under the cut. All of Ms. Scaggs’ pieces are colour change, but I gravitate to her charcoal-black because it’s dramatic and I’m moody. I am also a fan of Marni, The Skinnery’s Arcade gacha item, which I’ve seasoned with a generous sprinkling of hot freckles from Milk. If you don’t like your virtual life spicy, don’t venture under the cut.

opium evening There’s something kind of wonderful about sex workshops, which give a lone woman like me a taste of pleasure in a safe and merry environment. Last night I skipped Blow Jobs 101 at The Pleasure Chest. I’m a taker not a giver. This is so much the case that I intend to hold next week’s group hostage until we find my G spot. A few days ago I attended a rough sex workshop, even though I was fairly sure it wasn’t for me. I went alone, knowing that if I wanted to participate, whatever that might mean, I would need to partner with a spare top. I got lucky. Out of the small crowd of kinksters emerged a very tall nicely muscled man who kindly offered to punch me in the pectorals in the five ways demonstrated. I returned the favor, of course, getting a few pointers from the male instructor who shrank to my height to show me how to punch upwards. (Sheesh.) After about half an hour of punching play, which felt good but not sexually exciting, the tenderized bottoms were treated to disorientation play, swung this way and that by the tops, fighting or flighting as they preferred. The punchy top took another bottom out for a spin and I resigned myself to sitting with the other unwanted masochists. But he came back for me and seized me by the neck, alternating this hold with downward tugs on my hair and slaps to my face, which fell with perfect force.
candlelight It was easy enough to observe the BDSM etiquette of thanking my partner, but I left the dungeon right away because I was shy about conversing with someone who had just treated me to rough touches that have always hovered on the edges of my fantasies. I wasn’t aroused, partly because I have been holding back all these weeks, not letting any of my researches become erotic encounters. But I did feel an intense and expansive energy opening me up where my stomach and belly usually sit in heavy knots. It was the next day that recollections of the top’s slaps filled me with lust. He is the first person I’ve met in the scene who has inspired desire. After friending him online and exchanging a couple of jokey messages about bruises, I sent him a serious one asking if he would play with me. No answer. I am trying to not wilt. After all, I need to stay strong if I’m going to run that G spot to ground.


Both pics
Zibska, Dido ~ Headpiece and Collar (NEW at Jewelry Fair as of Sept. 13; ty Zib!)
Lolas ::: Tango Delicq ::: Fitted Mesh Breasts

Pic one
Zibska, Ute Chain ~ Cuff
[Le Forme] Heroin Body Black
[Le Forme] My Fate Chest Chains Black
ALB, LION gladiator heels 3 XS by AnaLee Balut
DRD, fingerclaws
[theSkinnery] Marni 13 (mocca) (at The Arcade)
*Milk* Shaved Base Berlin *Black* and Odd Beauty Freckles. (came with hair)

Pics two and three
erratic / valena – gladiator sandals / black (XS), need Slink, Female Feet (AvEnhance) Flat
.Birdy. Red skin ~Porcelaine~ (Limited edition Enchanted) Bare (not available)
Paperbag. Double Snake Front tat
*ZD* Pubic Hair Full Black Pantie Option
FINESMITH- Externalized- Bridge piercing- (old gg not available)
Kin-Cricket hair-[Black] (soooo old)
[BP] The Fallen Cuff (gacha)
location: Opium S/M Edo Fetish Theater

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