struggle I was talking to my friend Sian—who blogs at Parthenoid—about falling into an intensely submissive state while I was fantasizing alone and finding it very hard to pull myself out of it. She suggested this was self-hypnosis, a trance state. Certainly I had the feeling of going under. The episode started with an acute and alarming feeling of intimidation attached to a dom I met who is twice my size. I never feel small and vulnerable until I am confronted with someone large and seemingly dangerous. (In fact, I spit when people call me petite.) Although this man didn’t make me feel small when we met, the idea of encountering him again overwhelmed me with fear and desire all at once. I realized as this was happening that engaging the fear rather than pushing it away could be a cathartic element in D/s play. So I let the emotion take me. Before I knew it, the fear had passed (without incident) and I was lying across the man’s lap as he sat on the floor. He was petting me as though I were a cat. (Why a cat? Dogs get jowl scratches. That is not my idea of sensual stroking.) Instead of feeling aroused, I felt content and proud. (There’s sexy stuff under the cut. You know what to do if you’re in a public place.) ganesha I read that Romp is looking for bloggers. The latest round went by blisteringly fast. I think it was only open for a weekend. But I managed to grab a very naughty tail. Last spring I rather shyly shared a picture of this type of plug with the dom I was seeing online. I confessed that I wanted one. You know you’re in the company of that rare creature, a polymorphously perverse man, when he declares that he wants a tail too because he can imagine how good it would feel brushing up against his thighs. I thought it was very romantic when he said that we were probably the only two people in the world who could agree about this. (Then the bastard broke my heart. I hope his tail gets mange.)

Credits to creators
Noodles, Little Pet Anal Plug Black (ROMP item)
*HmD*ganesh tattoo
Pure Poison – Shay Sandals
Little Bones, Willow Tree Chromatic pack (gacha at The Secret Affair)
Cute Poison – Tagged Necklace (Slut) (past gacha)
pic one cuffs: Black Pearl, Fallen (past Fantasy Gacha Carnival prize)
pose pic one: Apple Spice, Abstract pack
Open Play Pony contains the Black Pony Armbands and upper Harness and ZHAO-II – Pony HUD (with one pose shown in pic one) (free on Marketplace)
location: Opium


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