Nobody’s demon bride

strait and narrow Have you ever had one of those dreams in which you are certain you are awake but cannot move? I had this type of dream, always very similar, a dozen times over a period of three or four years when I was living in the sticks. I would be lying flat on my back, which is not how I sleep, completely paralyzed. I would feel the bedclothes being pulled slowly down to the foot of the bed, leaving me exposed and expectant but not scared. (What’s coming can’t be wholesome if it’s on the other side of the cut.)

The presence in the room did not feel malign, but I was conscious as I was dreaming that I was probably having the famous incubus/succubus dream—which has never been celebrated as rollicking good fun. Each time whatever invisible presence had exposed my body to the air would touch me, but only once or twice, only as much as it needed to accomplish its goal. Some gentle rubbing or a single thrust might suffice to bring me to orgasm…and wake me up really rather rudely. I was always a little disappointed the pleasure ended so abruptly and also sorry to find that I was still snug in my bedclothes and lying on my side, nobody’s demon bride. [Update: I have to wonder why I got so lucky with my sleep paralysis. Most people report a feeling of suffocation. If anyone else is getting off, they are not admitting it.]

Credits to creators
No. 7, strait jacket [rigged mesh jacket with mod collars to perfect the fit; HUD allows you to set skin tone for scrummy exposed left shoulder] (NEW at Level Up; really very kinky, SS!)
Little Bones, Eden II, Browns, the SECRET gacha hair (at the Secret Affair)
Glam Affair, Rose Desert Rose Jamaica (former 50LF)
Fetch, lounge chair pose prop (at the Secret Affair)


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