Sounds in the night

shadowed2 Portia is wearing the sexy lace leggings from Cameron Vasiliov’s latest offering from B.D.R. The Hunting Souls outfit will set you up for Hallowe’en. It includes a bandeau top, wings, horns and plain and gruesome versions of a neck corset. There are also more appliers than this blogger can explain. Check out the vendor for deets. And don’t venture under the cut if you are kink-averse.

hangup There’s so much I could say about my new adventures in the BDSM world. Probably the most exciting thing for me is that I am asking for what I want when it occurs to me, something I never did during vanilla sex. (Or if I did, I didn’t get it, which discouraged more asking.) The first time I played I did it at a dungeon rather than in my home, simply because a dungeon employs people to watch out for members’ safety. I got tied up shibari style. The top roped my chest with a box harness. My wrists were bound behind my back. My legs were bent and bound “fat tie” style. Because I was sitting on the floor rather than kneeling, they were also spread open. As I lay back against the top’s body and contemplated my roped legs, it occurred to me that I have inner thighs that could be smacked. I asked. I received. The top did not hold back. The next day the rope was gone but a persistent stinging kept me aware of my newly discovered inner thighs. I was so surprised by this that I felt an intense need for an eiskaffee—but had to settle for a frappuccino, not something I ever consider. It’s like they say, kinky sex inevitably leads to degrading refreshments.


…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Hunting Souls [pants, heels and neck corset] (NEW; ty Cameron V.!)
:[Plastik]:- Malchia Corset [XS]:// Sacred
Lolas ::: Tango Delicq ::: Fitted Mesh Breasts
TRUTH HAIR Tulip 2 [LoveJugs 1]
[theSkinnery] Marni 3 (milk) (Arcade gacha is closed but you can still shop at yard sales)
{S0NG} :: Chibi~ Spacey Eye
/h/ Lil Stinger bracelets
mijn.botique accessories / studded earrings n.2 – silver (not available)
pose one: Clemmm
location: Boundwarts castle

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