Wrestle me to the mat

cat napped ptr Today I thought I’d say a word about the weird shadowy pics I like to make. I have almost no control over this light. In fact, my computer is such a piece of junk that the lighting winks on and off, from lit to black and lit again, endlessly. I have to keep trying to capture the screen shot, waiting for it to hit like lightning in a horror movie. This is often time-consuming. I find that I have more success getting the shot when I close my eyes. I suspect this is because the number of seconds between lights on and lights off is absurd and too awkward for humans to master: something like 11.3731. Time, not computer hardware, is the enemy after all. (There are musings on kink under the cut. Don’t venture there if shibari and envy frighten you.)
cat sat on mat Envy. I feel envy of young kinksters whose photos I see on FetLife. I especially envy the women whose lithe, light bodies can be suspended in mid-air with rope. Last week, when I went to kneel to get roped, my knees shouted WTF. (Next time I will use the pads provided by the dungeon. It’s cheating, but then so are the reading glasses I now have to wear.) I regret that I didn’t find my kinky self when I was young. But most of all I envy these women because they can show their faces as well as their naked bodies. They do not have a professional life they have to protect. I have a precarious career: my skills are so specialized that I am virtually unemployable elsewhere. I could be fired if I posted pictures showing my face as well as my kinks. I want to pose for photos but I resent having to hide my identity with a mask or by twisting away from the camera. And I wager that I am too heavy and too pain-averse and, frankly, too fucking grouchy to be suspended like a young “rope bunny.”

:V.e., Not So Demure Dress S Silver (at uber)
Petite Mort, Ballet Boots (black)
Plastik, cuffs
Skinnery, Marni Milk (recent Arcade gacha; check yard sales to buy)
Goth1c0: I dare you – Face Wound Tattoo
:Little Pricks: You’ve Been Bad tat (whip marks above the breasts, not visible)
Delicious, Doggy Dog Leash Gold
poses are in furniture at Opium dungeon extraordinaire


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