Leathered in

leathered up Leather. Lots of it. I could never see the appeal. So I decided I’d buy some and make Portia wear it. Her buckled Mel jacket is available from IceWater in a 199L HUD-driven fatpack. It features three options for the metal and a half-dozen sophisticated colours—no straight-up CMYK shit to ruin your fashion day. As much as I like the jacket, I still had to resort to Wikipedia to figure out why people love leather. I realize now that my error was evaluating it from the outside when I should have been imagining myself feeling safe and snug on the inside. Buckled in, not buckling out.
cruelshoes I went nuts at the 70% off Black Friday sale at Pure Poison. Shaleene Kenin is my favourite footwear designer, so nuts was inevitable. My other weekend find was the Bisquit skin in Heat by Kooqla.
kooqla heat bisquit

IceWater, Mel -Mesh- Belted Leather Jacket XS (with colour HUD)
little bones. Horrorshow ink dip pack (new group gift in store) [Don’t be discouraged by the wide part. I didn’t use the tintable hairbase because I’m lazy.]
MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style20) black (at the Silly Sevens event)
[KOOQLA] Bisquit . Heat 02 (db)
Nox. Beauty Marks [Four]
{S0NG} :: Chibi~ Abyss Eye
Clemmm – Dark Chic Circus Lashes (old gift)
– .HoD. – Draconic Claw Collar v3 (Resize)
ISON – leather leggings (black)
Pure Poison – Purple Infierno Heels for Slink High Feet
pose one: an lar (not available)
pose two: Mabinogion, Crouch


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