Strung up

december There’s nothing wholesome beyond this portrait featuring Glam Affair’s Arcade skin, so don’t venture below the cut if you’ve ever thought the devil is in the juicy details.
shadow day Two of the weirdest looking male kinksters happened to be arriving at the dungeon when my taxi pulled in. They skulked singly up to the building, each one toting a large bag with what I knew were floggers and chains and collars and clamps and, if they were good tops, a clean and sturdy Hitachi vibrator (a toy I like to call “the big gun”). There was no signage on the innocuous single-story building, the type that flourishes in the burbs, where small businesses proudly announce their compliance with ISO 9000. My driver pointed out the creepy guys, leaving me uncertain as to whether he was thinking of rescuing me or asking to join the club. I resolved that if he asked I would explain that we were medieval role-players and the male members needed big bags to carry large coils of rope for restraining captives as well as a range of small torture devices and at least one big gun, erm, mighty weapon.
hung over I had ventured to the burbs for a date with an experienced rigger who opened his own big suitcase to tempt me with assorted toys and offer me my choice of rope. He pointed out that the coil I’d chosen for its subtle mauve colour was so long that he would have to make an elaborate harness and incorporate the crotch rope we’d been debating. Once I was harnessed comfortably he lashed me to a spiderweb fashioned out of chains. This piece of equipment looks dumb when it sits empty. But as soon as I was up there the whole club discovered its appeal. My top stroked and prodded me to the point where I did not want to speak. Accidentally catching sight of words on his t-shirt felt like being ambushed by alien intruders. My mind couldn’t fathom the presence of little letters standing in a neat line and accomplishing nothing—possibly because their rayguns were jammed. I gladly closed my eyes for the rest of the session. I didn’t know I was rope drunk until I heard my mind say “oh god…ohhh…god…” I had not been aroused sexually, only stimulated by pleasurable and painful touches. But suddenly I was in that blissful mental state I associate with sex, the one that drives the atheist out of all of us.
dance on dance Not knowing that there’s a trick to getting a cab in the suburbs cost me an hour of waiting when I wanted desperately to get home to bed. During that time I transferred my annoyance to the harness my top had offered to let me wear home. I started pulling at the coils around my chest, not recalling his explanation that loosening it at my shoulders would tighten it over my privates. The cab that finally arrived was not the means of deliverance I’d dreamed of: each time it accelerated the crotch rope bit hard into my pudenda. For 20 minutes I squirmed into one uncomfortable position after another. I discovered that a little sexual fantasy lessened the pain, but once I realized that deceleration brought (temporary) relief, I longed for red lights more than I did another date with my rigger.

:V.e. Stella Belted Gown XXS Sangria (at uber)
Zibska, Uma (colour-change sandal; ty Zib!)
-Glam Affair – December skin – AFRICA 02 E (at Arcade Gacha)
[LeLutka]-ELECTRA hair – IrishRed
.storybook. – Marley Chains – Copper
Modanna, Black Callas fingernails
mijn.botique accessories / studded earrings n.2 gold
Swallow, Lion earring (pic 3 only)
*BOOM* Fearless wrist cuff (v2) Gold
{S0NG} :: Chibi~ Abyss Eye
Pics 1,2, 4: Luxe, Wset9 pack (at Uber)
Pic 3: an lar, walled pose pack
location Tierra de Fuego


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