Wondering rye

pinky pale rye Behold Mudskin’s Rye, with her colourfully smokey eyes. One of Sopha Portal’s more glamorous adult faces, Rye is available in four makeups in two of the paler skin-tones offered in the latest Mudskin lineup. There are new appliers for these tones, like the ones for Lolas and Slink, which you will see below the cut. 

necking I did “pickup play” for the first time last night—got tied up on the floor of my local dungeon by someone I’d just met and talked to for about half an hour. He was smart and articulate, if not sexually appealing, and he had some one-rope techniques that I loved. (He also understood that nipples are meant to be tugged and twisted hard, not fiddled.) I enjoyed our session, but afterwards I was aware that I did not particularly like him or want to see him again. The one-off encounters I’ve had affect me in many ways, but I have a tendency to spook myself by dwelling on the negative feelings rather than recognize the full range of responses. I’ve left the dungeon wondering what possessed me to engage with a person. And I’ve felt empty. I realize that these are classic responses to having casual sex. But this doesn’t lead me to conclude that I must avoid playing if it’s only for the sake of playing. (I avoided sex when it was only for the sake of sex, and look how that turned out.) It’s possible to lessen the sense of alienation by walking together out of the dungeon and into a more neutral space and by chatting about small things like how long it will take to get home and how early one has to rise in the morning. (All this should be part of aftercare, but aftercare can be bungled.) Instead of dwelling on the negative—on that one dumb-ass comment he made or the likelihood that I will die alone with my Hitachi—I am hoping to think on the positive and let it inform my actions. So the next time I am considering playing with someone, I want to remember the way I felt during Saturday’s transition period between being roped and saying goodnight. Set free from my bonds and lying on my side on the floor, I curled myself into a ball around my partner’s butt and then held on to his thigh like it was Mom, a hot dinner and the internet all rolled into one. I tried to sit up and disengage but I only got to my elbow before I went in for a long hug of his bony knee. Meanwhile, a huge smile was spreading across my face because I was quietly and rather inexplicably ecstatic. I did let him have his leg back—far sooner than I would have liked. It occurs to me that it might be possible to avoid post-play alienation if we humans could tie up each other’s limbs and cling to each other’s joints without worrying that that might be weird and unwelcome.

Pic one
[ MUDSKIN ]_Rye2_NE_Pinky Pale (NEW at the Makeover Room; ty Sopha)
{S0NG} :: Chibi~ Abyss Eye
.Shi Hair : Detach [Femme] (NEW)
:[Plastik]:- Hera Necklace:// Emerald (part of gift at We <3 Roleplay)
ieQED snowflake.septum.piercing.all (gift at We <3 Roleplay)

Pic two
[ MUDSKIN ]_Rye1_E4_Pinky Pale (NEW at the Makeover Room; ty Sopha)
.Shi Hair : Detach [Femme] (NEW)
TattooMania – OWL2.0
Lolas ::: Tango Delicq ::: Fitted Mesh Breasts
(AC), Bow Stockings (tat) – Plum Bow
:[Plastik]:- Krysis Bellyring-Liara:// Flora 1 (part of gift at We <3 Roleplay)
ALB, LION bracelets gold (come with outfit)
ieQED. snowflake.septum.piercing.all (gift at We <3 Roleplay)

poses: Imeka, Bessie pack
location: Tierra de Fuego


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