Naughty is nicer

xmas star I had no intention of doing a Christmas post, mainly because it’s not a universal celebration. I much prefer wishing my online friends Happy New Year, joining in an event that more people hold in common. Then I got a look at Noelle, the Christmas group gift from !dm devious minds, and the slew of sleigh-bells rang my tune. Showgirls look naughty and naughty feels so damn nice.
dark xmas Some people prefer darker fare, so I’m serving up a sinister Christmas to balance the sweet one. I’m away from home visiting my mother and would like very much to attend some local BDSM events, although I’m a bit nervous about walking into a whole new kinky scene. Especially because Canadians are not as friendly as Americans. My mother is anxious and paranoid. She will stay awake until I get home, no matter where I go, dungeon or dinner with the mayor. I’ve given in to the emotional blackmail for as long as I can remember. Even now I am trying to make a deal with myself that I will go to only one event rather than two and go early and stay only an hour. I can’t wait to get back home and wrestle only with my misgivings and fears instead of my family’s.

outfit: !dm Devious Minds, Noelle Xmas gift (join group and check notices)
skin: Glam Affair, Amberly II Asia gift (join group and check notices; 30L fee)
moles: Visage Beauty Marks 7
hair: Clawtooth, Louise Brooks Softest Black (this may be retired)
boots: Hollyhood, Bogatay Boot red
poses: Grafica, Duvsha (NEW; includes mirrors; ty Alyx!)
location: Tierra de Fuego

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