Fina night and day

archedAnorak is in the dojo. She wears Fina II, a rosy-hued fresh offering from Mudskin, Tiffany, the latest soft look from Wasabi Pills, and Sekka, the hot new tunic from R2 A/D/E. Hedda’s sexy strappy colour-change Achillea sandals and glorious Zephyrina headdress and necklace are both from Zibska. After the cut you can get a better NSFW look at Mudskin’s lovely bod and a softer shade of Zephyrina.
courseinthenude With Fina II you have a choice of eight makeups with vivid lipsticks, each of which comes in six skin tones—pale, pinky pale, sunny, tan and pink tan. You may not know that I care more about my avi’s nipples than I do about her stomach or collarbone. I’m happy to say that Fina’s most important attribute are rendered in a sweetly beautiful style.

[ MUDSKIN ]_Fina II_7_E1_Pinky Tan (NEW at The Chapter Four; ty Sopha!)
Zibska, Zephyrina crown and necklace (NEW; colour change; at We <3 Role play; ty Zib!)
/Wasabi Pills/ Tiffany Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Gingerbread (outdoors) and Golden (indoors) (NEW at Fameshed; ty MissAllSunday!)
r2 A/D/E, sekka jacket[XXS]burgundy (NEW at Collabor88)
r2 A/D/E, hika panties[S]sheer
*BOOM* Bold wrist cuff (v1) BrwnGlaze
Zibska, Achillea Sandal (NEW; colour change; ty Zib!)
[Keystone] Amary’s Nose chains [Golden][Double]
.HW. Thrive – Belly Tattoo – FRESH
The Muse poses, Editorial A (in pic 1)
shot at Opium


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