The cyborg wore panties

lara's undies I made a mistake, spending a bundle on some fancy *oUvUo* panties made only for The Mesh Project body, which Portia has never worn. I messed about with the free basic TMP body and realized I’d have to buy a skin to match the body unless I wanted Portia headless as well as topless. I could have gotten away with showing the undies on the default body, GIMPing the gaps that just would not slider away. But I’m a perfectionist, so I decided that this was the perfect excuse to hop on the mesh bodywagon. Why did I buy Maitreya’s Lara? Price. And the Glam Affair association. (My inventory is like a Glam Affair glam affair. But that’s partly because Birdy, my fave, stopped making skins. Please come back little Birdy.)
brightbackbow Am I completely satisfied with Lara? I fixed the problem noted below: I eliminated User Error by reading a blogger’s post about the Lara basics. I’m digging the alpha layers options but the number of possibilities on the breasts are overwhelming and a trackpad is not precise enough to select only the right ones. I could not get the fucking clothing layers to work. The included applier shows only random pieces of the Zaara lingerie, and not in a sexy, peekaboo way. I have not been able to find any trouble-shooting tips on the creator’s website. If any of you can fathom what I’m doing wrong, please IM me or comment here. With helpful hints, not heckles.
lararoped It was my friend Sian (the creator behind Chariot) who tried to explain the wherefores of the new tech. I remained confused for months about the workings and value of the mesh body and head. (Bear in mind that one’s ability to hook up cable evaporates around the age of 38, so it’s not that odd that I can’t wrap my old meat head around the new mesh heads.) I was very intrigued because Sian herself looks amazing in a body and head from TMP. During our last conversation about mesh bodies Sian pointed out the rigging is better. This didn’t sound important to me until I put Portia-Lara on the bamboo rack at Tierra de Fuego. If anything is going to reveal the limitations of the default body, especially when it’s animated, it’s a kinbaku frame. All the deformed curves and joints that I used to have to correct with GIMP are gone with the mesh body. I made absolutely no adjustments to the body in the picture shown above. I did not have to shave pointy edges off round parts. Nor did I have to redraw my avi’s thighs to correct the angle or girth of her pudendum. Of course, this is only one picture. I am going to have to test the new body on all the old torture devices if I am going to be truly satisfied…with my new purchase.

*oUvUo* – Lace high waisted pant [mesh][TMP] A (ONLY FOR The Mesh Project body!) (at Cosmopolitan sale room)
little bones. Birdie (L) (VIP group gift)
Maitreya, Mesh Body – Lara V2.1 (with my avi’s own shape, not the shape included)
^^Swallow^^ Necklace HeartWings (Female) (at TDR Fusion)
-Glam Affair – Amberly II – India tone – FLF 01 NB (not available in this makeup)
Glitterati poses, Boobalicious pack
rope harness is dispensed by the bamboo frame and it’s tintable
shot at Tierra de Fuego


One thought on “The cyborg wore panties

  1. Portia:

    My main complaint about TMP body is the ANKLES! It appears to resemble someone with stage 4 edema. Maitreya is my go to mesh…and the HUD does take some getting used to. IM me in world and i will be pleased to assist you as i can with the HUD and clothing.

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