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bunny at bat Valentine’s Day is guaranteed to make even a happily married couple miserable. Only singles in the very first flush of love could enjoy the mountain of bouquets I encountered this afternoon at Whole Foods. It looked like the (pesticide-free) funeral for the entire human race. While I would rather see marriage abolished than extended to everyone, I hereby dedicate this post to equal love and sex rights for all. (A cut is coming. That means the rest of this post might exercise too many rights for the office.)
scoring Have you ever been to Lali’s? Hedda’s high-waisted dotted stockings are one of a rotating assortment of Lucky Board prizes in a shop dedicated to all things nylon, many things latex and to spandex Zentai that defy all attempts to accessorize. Just because they can.
mudskin Sopha Portal’s new skin for her Enfant line was available at the Winter Wonderland event, which is now over. Son-U was also available for Slink Visage noggins. Perhaps you will find her in the mainstore soon. If not, checks out Ms. Portal’s other equally cute faces.

Enfant (by MUDSKIN)—Son-U3_NE_W2 (ty Sopha!)
“tSg” Miss Sassy Brow Blonde (old hunt prize)
No. 7, Blowing Kisses tattoo (not available)
{Nerdology} Who’s Your Daddy: “Sexy” Paddle Rare (at the Sex Sells Gacha Fair)
(fd) Tiffany – Light Ombre 4 (last month’s Collabor88)
GizzA – The Colors of Love / Padded Coat {4} (gacha at Chapter Four)
Noodles – Fluffy Bunny Butt Plug Pink (at Fresh)
*MUKA* Burlesque Bows (at Burlesque)
Lali’s, Dotsy D0204 nylons (LB)
C h a r y . – Ballet Socks ( Purple ) (store is closed)
Zibska, Saoirse Boot (colour chnage; ty Zib!)
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) XS – Mid
shot at Tierra de Fuego


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