Prettiest star

commander Portia was minding her own business. Actually, she was imagining that the Doomed Ship would be far less doomed if she were running the bar. She looked fetching in Zib Scaggs’ new Cynthia dress for Zibska. Suitable for deep space and for an elegant cocktail party, it’s fashioned out of down-filled quilted pleather and festooned with feathers on each shoulder. In back it’s finished with a subtle bustle of black-velvet roses. These are arrayed above what can only be described as an all-access passageway. Find your way into it below the cut. But only if you are not observed by other humans.
meetzemonster As I said, Portia was alone with her thoughts when a beautiful monster stepped out of the shadows. A playmate at last! Even better, a playmate whose skin coordinated perfectly with her ginormous Tableau Vivant hair. She greeted the monster but he was too shy to reply. She then sent him this photo and proposed to title it “He always whines when it’s his turn.” The next day the monster sent Portia a gallant message: “He sees the worthiness of you, through your tools. With deliberation, he opens the casing and exposes the flesh beneath to accept his turn.”

Zibska, Cynthia dress (NEW; ty Zib!)
~Tableau Vivant~ Healy – Tie & Dye I (Arcade Gacha bought second hand)
Maitreya, Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
Ama, Whipped Ass (for mesh and ordinary bodies), Tempest Garter and Stocking tat (at Suicide Dollz)
.Birdy. Red skin ~Porcelaine~ (Limited edition Enchanted) Bare with Red (Scar) (not available)
Rotten Toe, Goth brows 1
Strict Collar (colour change and Open Collar scripted; free at the Temple of the Collar)
Mandala, nose ring chain simple black (I have no memory of acquiring this)
– .HoD. – Dragon Spiral earrings
poses: Ma Vie. – Mistress (includes crop)
location: Doomed Ship


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