Fooling around

sidethesaddle I couldn’t find the time to edit images or write up a post but that didn’t stop me from tooling around the grid and taking pictures. I imagined getting the definitive shot of the ravishing Dead Dollz outfit, which I enhanced with a bustier from Luas. There were going to be big bare breasts once the bustier came off in an adult sim. But I wasn’t happy playing with my old Lolas bübs, so I rather giddily invested in similarly pneumatic lips. nyamlipsnyamnyamlipsDramatic outfit meet silly lips: Nyam Nyam, from CR, with four possible lip “poses.” The lips themselves were easy to install. (They can be resized.) The Nyam Nyam HUD offers only basic options in a simple layout, so it feels deliciously old skool.  And of course there are vampire and elf versions of the teeth! One of my motivations for getting lips was testing the appliers that Sopha Portal has been providing with her most recent releases for MUDSKIN. The MUDSKIN lip applier is a simpleton’s dream, with one button to apply the skin colour around the mouth and one to apply the lipstick. more bend less redPose Maniacs’ bend over and look at your ruffled backside poses are all delightful. Believe me when I say that Portia spent a lot of time pretending to be testing out Heraclitus’s maxim about stepping in the same river twice.


Dead Dollz, Octavia Corset/Shrug/Skirt Antique outfit (there’s a pale pink version at Fashion For Life)
Luas, Mad World Top XS Green (past gacha)
.random.Matter. – Bastille Cuff – Gold (at The Secret Affair)
Vanity Hair:Janelle(MAT)-Glampack
[ MUDSKIN ]_Rose Makeup7_NE_India (with applier for mouth) [was at Skin Fair]
ARISE. Mana Eyebrows Soft (tintable)
[[ Cathode Rays ]]Nyam Nyam v1.31 mouth
Clemmm – Damaged Hands *Bruises and grit* (with Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual but can be worn without)
Vanilla +Fallen Gods Inc.+, Afterplay [rope type A] marks 30% (Tintable)
..aisling. GAIA – Earring Dark (past gacha)
pose pic one: built into the anc headless deer prop
pose pic three: PM, Winx
location one: Dead Dollz store
location three: Opium


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