Eyes enough

eyeing you I think this is my post celebrating the colours of spring. It’s time once again to think about cute bunnies and chicks, chocolate or otherwise. This week I dressed Portia up as a warrior and then decided that she could be any old urban girl momentarily surprised by a giant rat, and not the marshmallow kind. New items in Portia’s wardrobe include the Vykris Corset from Aikea Rieko for The Plastik and the colour-change Echo shorts from Zibska by Zib Scaggs. (A girl needs a battle breastplate and fatigues when she ventures out on garbage night.) One of my favorite new accessories is the array of arrowhead piercings from Alegria, which I picked up at Love and War II. There are spikes in back and a nose-ring too, and the set is available in copper as well as antique silver. It was 30L when I bought it, but that might have been a 30L Saturday price. twice bitten Nina Helix is back with three new skins for Birdy and a gift skin, seen here, for the VIP group.* There are new dark and occasionally evil-looking skin tones, so the appliers have been updated. Group members can buy Lolas, Phat Azz and Slink feet and hands appliers for one ever-lovin’ linden each. There’s a new body and you can buy a thingamajig that layers the new body on the old skins. There are also appliers for the Maitreya mesh body. The signage is a bit confusing so be sure to read and mouse over everything before hitting pay. Finally today, Portia’s hair is a free colour demo from LeLutka, which has just been redone to look like a hotel. I found the new Dims colour pack so enthralling that I had to research its origin. Hoo boy. Pastel Goth = jumbo shrimp.

*I hear there’s a problem with the feet texture. Reapplying helps. No fix is available yet.

:[Plastik]:- Vykris Corset [S]:// Snarl (NEW; ty Aikea)
Zibska, Echo Shorts (colour chnage) (NEW at Secret Affair; ty Zib!)
.Birdy. Ali VIP Skin – Pure – (Bare) with .Birdy. Freckles (Tintable) included (VIP gift; join fee 150L)
beemann – feather1 (not available)
[[ Cathode Rays ]]Nyam Nyam v1.31 mouth
Nox, Novela Lip [dusty]
!dM Seer – **ROSE** brows and third eye (gacha at Secret Affair)
.LeLutka.Sheena hair.M (free colour demo)
ALEGRIA Beast Warrior Arrow Old Silver set (at Love and War II)
FDD, *High Voodoo Boots* (for Flat Slink Feet) Indigo (old gacha)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual-
Clemmm – Damaged Hands *Bruises and grit* 1
Sweet Poison – Sasha Bracers
[LF] Lizzy Choker – Purple Moon
.random.Matter. – Ethereal Eyes – Indigo
pose one: old Del May mime pose
pose two: Glitterati, Headshot
location: Urban Decay


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