How goes the metaphorical war?

rail at all his servants These days it’s tough to tell the difference between SL’s warrior women and masochists, both of whom wear bits of metal on their breasts and look exhausted but satisfied après guerre. Add a pair of goggles and you can throw space maidens into the mix, as you will see under the cut. Please be advised that you’ll see more than goggles, so this is NSFW. (Let’s put it this way: in the beginning there were pants, but as the shoot progressed I saw that they were bad.)
submitted I have people two to play with. Each tied me up once and we liked it so much that we decided to do it again. (Previous encounters had been one-time deals.) They are very different: one is interested in the engineering aspect and in sensuality, the other in tieing me thoroughly and swatting my buttocks and thighs with thuddy things. I didn’t expect to become a “rope bunny”—or rope hedgehog as I prefer to think of myself, a mature woman with a fully formed defense system—and yet I have always been attracted to kinbaku art and porn. It never occurred to me that Japanese bondage could be something other than a fantasy, partly because I am not a beautiful tiny Asian woman, but also because I had no idea how easy it would be to meet shibari players. If you are interested in kink, you are not by any means alone. Join FetLife to find out about munches in your area, and go to the munches rather than trying to meet someone online. Get to know people at munches and play with them. This is how I met the sensualist. Ask your friends to recommend safe, skilled players. This is how I met swatty man. There is no need to wait to find a deep romantic connection. Don’t start by looking for love. Look for pleasure and enjoy sharing it.
pauseforapplauseIt is the case that many kinky people are paired off and do not play with others. But many people are poly-playerous. While I am not convinced that polyamory spells an end to jealousy, I am impressed by the difference between poly and old-fashioned cheating. I have been somebody’s mistress. In the wife/mistress situation, the essentially monogamous cheater must ultimately choose either the legal partner or the new model. There can only be one. In poly, there is no pressure to choose. This can come acropper in a dozen ways, especially in a culture organized around the couple and the nuclear family. (Should we talk about reproducing the relations of production or the fact that a singleton can’t eat a full head of lettuce, which is in itself a symptom of capitalist fuckery?) Just now, I feel liberated because I know that my relationship with someone is not comparable to his/her relationships with others. No apples are competing with other apples. In my ideal poly pod, it would be a mix of Granny Smiths, moro oranges, New Zealand kiwi (which I can’t afford to eat in fruit form) and, if I am very lucky, some deliciously tart, still-green bananas.
upshot I will be going to Shibaricon, the giant rope convention in Chicago. I’m not afraid of playing with strangers. I’m afraid of feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of people and withdrawing into my protective shell. Or refusing to relax my hedgehog’s prickles. I should confess that I am also afraid of doing a terrible job shooting Portia on Stockholm and Lima’s fabulous shibari prop. That’s why she’s just wandering the streets. I hold out hopes for Dutch courage, but I can’t afford booze (see above re capitalism).


!:Lybra:! N’Bunny Collar Black Leather Gold (NEW at On9; resizeable)
Clemmm – Damaged Knees .5 Black (NEW with many different intensities at my memory sucks)
Clemmm – Damaged Hands *Bruises and grit*
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
[HUZ]-Oriental-Henna-Faded (on Marketplace)
*[MeshedUp]*_Blindfold Black
*[MeshedUp]*_Gag Necklace Black
[LF] aka Le Forme, SpiderWeb Nipple pastie Black
etham – Leather Cuff Bracelet – Heavy Duty (gift at Fameshed)
MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style22) gold
MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style23) gold
Ama. : Whipped Thighs : Moderate
.DirtyStories. 69 Leg Tattoo (gift)
*Reign.- Monarch Heels- Black
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS – High
Birdy. Ali VIP Skin – Pure – (Bare) (gift)
-Glam Affair – Skye Brows – Tintable 70% (came with a skin)
.astronaut \\ coont hair \\ Black \\ rigged (store is gone; I bought this at Chapter Four a while ago)
{S0NG} :: Chibi~ Abyss Eye

Not availables:
Nosebleed with tears
Runny mascara

pose 1: dfo!
pose 2: PDA
pose 4: grafica, diogi single pose (ty Alyx!)

location: Dead End City


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