Cheesecake at 50?

wide of the mark I did not plan to win the gachus rarus maximus Goth Queen head by Antielle and May’s Soul. But when I did, on one of my signature lucky first plays, I decided to have some fun. I’ve been thinking about modeling for kinky photography—the one thing that holds me back is how ugly I am (old, fat, ugly, did I say ugly? Did I mention crotchety?). What, I wondered, would dumpy, grey—and somewhat feral—Goth Queen do if she followed my fantasy of posing for cheesecake photos? At 50, Goth Queen is no sick fashionista. So she would make some dubious wardrobe choices: covering her fat upper arms and age-spotted chest with a formal jacket and imagining that the big ruffles will draw attention away from her small breasts and protruding stomach. As today’s photos show, however, it’s not the matronly outfit that ruined the first picture. One can be fifty shades of fetching without baring one’s flesh. But a pin-up must project confidence and experience, never posing and smiling like a virgin on prom night.
visibly gothThis is much better: softer lighting, a pose that makes a viewer want to unfurl the model, and a sexy smile. Wait, is that a smile?
eatme S’not a smile. Okay. I think we will all agree that it would be wrong to tell a Goth Queen that she can’t express her inner demon, even when it takes the form of a wagging tongue. Evil will out, she can’t be worse than David Cameron, etc. If this picture is less than sexy, it’s not the model’s fault. The photographer was not thinking about angles. At this angle, Goth Queen looks like she just wolfed down a whole raft of slaves. When one works with a middle-aged model generously endowed with belly fat, one needs to avoid angles that make her look like a stress eater. Evoke naughty nom noms not a year’s supply of Relacore.
gavemetongue This is a much more flattering take on the tongue. Nitpickers will say that there’s one more problem: the trio of diamonds calls too much attention to the ground-in blood on Goth Queen’s fingers. But let’s give both model and photographer the benefit of the doubt. It may be that a little Liz Taylor drag makes cheesecake tastier, if not less fattening.

May’s Soul & antielle, Desdemona Gothic Queen (unbearably rare at Fantasy Gacha Carnival): includes all the jewellery you see here, except for the pearls; HUDS to change roses colour, eye colour and facial expression as well as Slink appliers for hands and feet (and Omega for I don’t know what—a mesh body?). I modded the included shape.
[LF] Heroin Body Black
*COCO*_RuffleJacket(Black)_Jacket (pieces of it; free old stock item)
Clemmm – Damaged Hands *Bruises and grit*
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
::LC:: Seductress Thigh High Boot [Black] – Silver S (not available)
Lali’s, Dotsy D0204 stockings (LB)
Kin-Cricket-[Black] hair (not available)
FINESMITH – Massive Diamonds ring (old gift)
pose prop: PDA, Gangplank Oddment (not avaiable, old Collabor88)


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