It happened

restful moment This is one of those posts that’s hiding the very very naughty bits under the cut. It’s also hiding the latest accessories from Zib Scaggs for Zibska. Not to mention an account of what I mean by “it” when I say “it happened.” trapped It happened. I have trouble filtering sound. So when the music suddenly stopped playing in the dungeon I was unable to block out the banal conversation in the next room. I couldn’t go and ask the host to restart the music because I was roped shibari style in a takate kote (harness) and asymmetrical leg ties inspired by Nawashi Kanna. My top was suffering with sinus trouble and was extremely wheezy, further distracting me from the pain I was hoping to enjoy. I briefly considered stopping the scene because it sounded like he might die. But he was having so much fun whacking and slapping and twisting tender parts of my body that I thought it best we soldier on. I’m new at rope bondage and even newer at pain, so as the scene went on I started to wonder whether I was feeling all I was supposed to be feeling, the pleasure that BDSM players pursue. At a certain point I observed to myself that my arms must be really strong. They’d been tied at the wrists to the frame above me for a while and yet I felt only mild discomfort. A minute later I was “flying,” as players say, hopped up on endorphins from the physical stress of the rope and the torture. I have no idea how long the bliss lasted. (Scene time cannot be measured.) It is the case that most bottoms come out of an intense scene feeling disoriented, but I was present-minded enough to appreciate that the scene was ending and to direct my top to untie me “more slower.” I know I had my wits about me because I quickly established an unequal division of labor in which I handed my rigger the ends of the ropes and he coiled and packed them. I wasn’t my old self, however, because I had come out of the flight feeling extremely close to my top. I think of myself as someone who is constitutionally averse to physical and emotional intimacy. And yet there I was happily enfolded in my top’s arms, smiling, even giggling, elated and satisfied that we’d shared something special. It all felt perfectly natural. So much so that I was startled to hear him say “You’ve come back from wherever you were.” Startled because it didn’t seem as though I had been away from him. Startled because I hadn’t realized he could tell what was going on with me. And because someone had witnessed my pleasure and was glad of it.

If you are interested in rope bondage but just beginning, please see my page Rope Bondage Responsibilities. It’s not that I don’t recommend you try this at home. I just want you to know the safety risks. As with any BDSM activity, ensure that your play is Safe, Sane and Consensual. Becoming part of your local community is always a good idea because you can find a mentor or simply share delicious, devious ideas.

Zibska, Roxi full version (a necklace which comes with matching earrings and is colour changeable and resizable—I scaled it down 15%. There is a single colour combo—orange/rust—version available at a discount price.) [at On9; ty Zib!]
Zibska, Romy (a flower for left or right eye or for both eyes, with a HUD to create a gajillion soft or strong colour combos for the four parts of each flower)
Pixicat, Temptation Corset Black nr.2 xs (Arcade gacha)
little bones. Chachki (this was a 50L friday item and may not be available)
Glam Affair, Luna Europa Simply Girl (50L Friday item)
Clemmm – Damaged Hands *Blood and grit*
*ZD* Pubic Hair Full Black Tattoo (on Marketplace)
::LC::, Seductress Thigh High Cocaine (not available)
Dutchie/Rustica, La Signora della Pazienza cage
shot at The Pit

3 thoughts on “It happened

    1. This happened in first life. I discovered the power exchange dynamic when I met someone special in SL. If that hadn’t happened I would never have explored this side of me irl.

      1. I wholeheartedly recommend the power exchange for those that are curious. SL can open doors to new things and new ideas. I completely love SL and what it contains in one nice little world.

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