Silly princess

somethingsnapped Oh no, Princess Predicament of the House of Prats is lost in the woods! Whatever will she do?! More importantly, what is she wearing? 
reach for it Phew! She’s just out hunting sloths. Speaking of animals, the creature on Predicament’s coat of arms is the mighty prawn. The princess had the crusading crustacean tattooed on her butt, which is almost visible in this delectably high-cut dress from Aikea Reiko of The Plastik. The Helenius dress comes with an optional belt with a HUD for changing the gemstone and metal. Of course, those of you who wouldn’t be caught (oh so easily) in a colour as vibrant as this one will find many variations of shiny blacks and greys to choose from, as well as several other jewel tones and florals. The Helenius dress, among several others, a bikini and lace-up boots in knee- and thigh-length versions are available exclusively at The Plastik’s new satellite shop at Nymphai.

:[Plastik satellite shop]:- Helenius Dress [M]://Violia [NEW; ty Vae!]
+Spellbound+ Cursed // Chapter III : Magic
FDD Stories, *Summer Flats* (Slink) RARE [NEW at Fantasy Collective]
Slink, Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS – Flat
!dM, “Melisandre” necklace **AMETHYST** (old gacha; try the yard sales)
ieQED, double.nose.ring
The Annex – The Kraken Earring 8 (old gacha; try the yard sales)
[CX] Tama-hana Kanzashi (Pink) Common (old gacha; try the yard sales)
:FANATIK: Tyrolia vintage bangle (not available)
Essences {Jamie} gift (not available)
Clemmm – Damaged Knees .5 Dark
Clemmm – Damaged Hands *Blood and grit* 1
BLASPHEMIC – HICKEY TATTOO [why the hell not?]
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 Casual
Rack poses, quiver and bow props from gacha She’s a Badass Bitch
poses: Posession, Universal pack
shot at Happy Mood


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