Green, I am envious

hungup I Flickr follow a number of talented SL photographers who favour BDSM themes. I am envious because I can’t figure out where they source their bondage outfits and props. For years Prairie Kawashima has unknowingly taunted me with her androgynous naked Asian av, who poses modestly in perfectly snug delicate rope harnesses. Driscol Byron’s subs, Laura, a Surprise Package in the Kink Department, Sacha Audeburgh, Ash and Laura Demonista appear latexed and leathered, wrapped and strapped, and bound and gagged to within an inch of their corsets. But with the exception of the gifted Surprise Package, who has begun to blog, none of them names her sources. This leaves me searching for kinky gear on the Marketplace, where I was finally rewarded for my submissive patience (or obstinacy) when I found some affordable fetish wear from DRBC.
boudoir Inspired to alleviate other players’ frustration, I spent an evening scouting beautiful bondage sims, with a special emphasis on shibari props. These are now listed in my Picks. (I did not include places like The Chamber Society, which one can’t access without buying a membership.) If you abhor giant rooms, blue/white/grey colour schemes, origami-look rocks, boiling lava and stripper poles, these sites should please you. Sometimes the best sims disappear—Tierra de Fuego and The Pit have vanished. So take advantage now of these civilized settings for unspeakable acts.

Please note that IRL it is not possible to suspend someone only from ankles and wrists without causing injury. See my Rope Bondage Responsibilities page for more advice.

[Co57] Misfit Boots Noir S
Slink, Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS – High
::drbc:: nikita dress – s – basic black (promo price on Marketplace)
C L A Vv. Cuffed Rings Black (at Romp)
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
::Exile::Shout colours pack (Arcade gacha, try yard sales)
Glam Affair – Eles Asia 04 A (gacha but I don’t recall where, try yard sales)
Smooching Serpents, Strictly Bamboo prop [RLV enabled] (rope cuffs delivered by the prop)
Windlight pic 1, Steffy Ghost, one of my favourite bloggers, has made her WLs available. This one is City Lights.
Windlight pic 2, Analu Outdoor City Night
shot at L’Antichambre des plaisirs


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