Don’t call me kitten, or do (I can’t decide)

dont callmekitten Believe it or not, one of my soft SL limits is sporting a collar that’s tagged with a sweet word like “Princess” or “Precious” or “Kitten.” IRL I do not like being called a rope “bunneh”: I’m not a pea-brained, silent furry creature that’s fun to pet! (I just like being tied up. And petted.) It is the case, however, that I admire lines like tsg and Altair. When I saw the cute Kokoro collar, Altair’s fundraising contribution to the Lexi Project, I figured that it might be okay to buy it and take it for a spin. For charity. I set the tag to “Kitten,” collared my cute alt Hedda—instead of the more womanly Portia—and was not surprised that despite the good cause “Kitten” felt demeaning. (Don’t venture under the cut if you think veiled nudity is just as bad.)
pleasedocallmekitten But then Hedda wandered over to Hollowtree to see the new Japanese tea house kitted out with Stockholm and Lima’s excellent shibari rigs. And I managed to get Steffy Ghost’s Windlight to work. (She is one of my favourite bloggers.) Hedda was starting to look awful cute in her collar, especially when I added some brown leather cuffs to her outfit and tried out the slinky Brigite poses from Purple Poses. If one’s av looks kittenish, I thought, there may be no shame in the Kitten tag. But I was not persuaded by this reasoning. And I was very glad that I hadn’t shot any photos of Hedda wearing infantilizing whiskers along with the collar.
blissed out Hedda spent a long time on the Stockholm and Lima femme dom rack. I tried out all six scenes and shot at least ten poses. The prop is not without bugs, so I struggled with it while also futzing with the lighting and dithering over the colour of my av’s hair. (MaiOwn’s Ondines pack of pastel ombres is a bit too heavy on the blues but each of the pinks is divine.) By the time I took this picture, Hedda was having far more fun than me. I was genuinely surprised to see how blissful she looked as she swayed to and fro in her elegant harness and cruel bonds. Witnessing her pleasure, I had to admit that my av and I disagree: she does not share my objection to being called Kitten. I figure that that’s okay. She has a right to indulge her own kinks…and I have the privilege of empathizing with her pleasure.

ALTAIR* kokoro collar .leo. (fundraising item for The Lexi Project [click for info] / limo to Lexi Project)
…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Talk Dirty to Me bodysuit Peach
-Glam Affair – Eles Europa 03 NB (gacha, try yard sales)
.ARISE. Mana Eyebrows Soft (tintable)
:[P]:- Soul Ink Reloaded://(Tint):Liner-Speckles
*ZD* Pubic Hair Full Black Tattoo Option (on Marketplace)
MaiOwn! Farewell Ondines pack (bought this at Hair Fair)
mijn.botique accessories / studded earrings n.2 (not available)
AC’s Leather Cuffs [EDIT: you can find these free with other free goodies from AC’s and Dari’s Haus at Teceum BDSM]
Slink, Avatar Enhancement Hands V2.1 – Casual
poses 1 and 2: Purple Poses, Brigite pack
shot on the 2nd sim at Hollowtree (group member tag required, membership is free)


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