missing you “Fnuh” means I hate it when my rope top is not available. “Fnuh” doesn’t mean I hate it when my avatar looks lovely. I can always count on LpD creator Nevery Lorakeet to tempt my digital doll out of the darkness and into something sweet and elegant. The Violette dress combines a relaxed avant-garde cut with a soft classic fabric. Each version of the dress features a lovely colour combination: dark blue with yellow, white with pink, green and pastel pink, pink and light blue, light yellow with lilac, and the burnt orange with light blue version worn here. I love creative colour pairing so it was very difficult to choose just one dress to show you. In a tribute to the beautiful pale-grey dye jobs I am seeing IRL, my model also wears MissAllSunday Lemon’s greatest Hair Fair hit—the Pepper style with its multi-colour band, which you can see below the cut. (You will also have the opportunity to see what my av gets up to when a hobby horse is her only companion. And you will be able to read  about my latest adventures in kink and therapy.) ride em anorak(This is Stockhom&Lima’s kinky horse. Riding is such good exercise…for one’s vulva.) Eighth week of insomnia. My therapist (yes, she’s mine…get your own) thinks that the insomnia is caused by the intense disruption my kinky activities have brought to my life. It is true that I have always been the perfect model of quiescence, when I haven’t been depressed. (I’ve long admired Freud for recognizing the organism’s drive to discharge excitation. We creatures don’t want to be stimulated by anything, bad or good. See “Beyond the Pleasure Principle” for the whole fascinating theory.) I avoided romance and sex for fifteen years. Then one day, after I sat at a special (albeit impossible) man’s feet while he stroked my hair, I was delighted to blow him. If that’s not a shocker, I don’t know what is. Last week my rope top put me on a leash and paraded me around a dungeon in front of a bunch of professional dommes and their submissive male clients. (Most dungeons are very small. After we’d walked about thirty feet and stood for a bit in the crowded front office—where the pros were too pro to bat a butt—my top turned to me and noted we had run out of room and would have to turn around. We broke character, yes. I say it’s okay to do so when one encounters walls, suddenly needs a pillow for one’s aged knees or feels embarrassed by people doing aftercare right out in the open.) My top is such a mild-mannered man. I hadn’t expected that he would ever leash me, or that he would pull on the ends of my hair. Or that he would love it when I asked if I could spread my legs wider so he could better paddle my pussy. These moments and the brief dungeon walk in particular gave me the humiliation I had been craving.  And yes, that humiliation was creaturely “excitation,” meaning that it hurt me emotionally. But I venture to say that Freud would have approved. [Tune in next time to find out why.]

*LpD* – *Violette* Dress Earth (Mesh – XXS) (NEW; ty lovely Nevery!)
/Wasabi Pills/ Pepper Mesh Hair – UNRIGGED – Powder (NEW; ty MissAllSunday!)
*LODE* Head Accessory – Ann Single Lily [white] (gacha)
Elysium – Audrey hat – terracotta/bottlegreen (old gift)
Elysium – Kate II skin (cleav./no brow) – latte (at The Dressing Room Fusion; this skin comes with a ton of appliers!)
Aberrant, Ouija tattoo (Body Art hunt, which is finito)
Nox. Beauty Marks [Four]
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1
Maitreya Gold Liaison – Coral High-Feet (gift for Lara body)
Kibitz – Alicia armlet {R} – copper (gacha)
[The Forge] Boho Bracelet, (Bronze) (gacha)
MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style22) bronze
pose pic one: dfo! Gala pack (not available)
pic two: hobby horse by Stockholm&Lima
shot at Hollowtree


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