Customer servzall, 2073

throne out 2073. Whoever assembled the new La-Z-Boi forgot to stock the mini-bar and weapons orbs.
totebargebalerepeatOrbs go out empty when synths labour at 8% power in the cargo bay of La-Z-Boi, a division of Amazon Cruel. (The Einarr headdress and pauldrons are part of a new gacha from Zib Scaggs for Zibska. This is the rare multi-colour set, which I hope you win. There are nine basic colour versions. The set also includes pasties that can be copied and migrated to other erogenous zones. Yes I have pictures of that. No you will not see them.)
mind over minions Still on hold with Customer Servzall, a subsidiary of Muzak. (This is my first post with a mesh head, something I was able to try because the Genesis Lab gacha made it safely afforadable. [I got both head and makeup at a the Epic Gacha yard sale. It’s not the current gacha at Kustom9—which you can also buy at the yard sale, btw.] The common heads all feature one static expression. The rare features all of them. This one, of course, is angry. In case you were thinking about it, there’s really no need for anyone to create a resting bitch face head, because all the best SL avis have that look down. That’s a compliment.)

Pics 1 and 3
Zibska, Einarr set rare (NEW at Fantasy Gacha Carnival; ty Zib!)
r2 A/D/E konatsu[M]purple (NEW at Collabor88)
little bones. Sharp, Hot Mess pack (NEW)
Genesis_Head_Julia_2.0_Angry (gacha, bought at yard sale: with eyes, teeth, two skin tones and appliers for Slink hands and feet, Lolas, Phat Azz and Maitreya Lara)
Genesis Lab_2.0_Vamp Makeup Milk (gacha)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 with the Lara hands
Tattoo Mania, Joon (VIP group gift, free to join)
MONS / MESH – Septum Ring (style29) gold (NEW at TDR Fusion)
[The Forge] Boho Bracelet (Gold) (gacha, was at The Epiphany)
Kibitz – Alicia belt – gold (at Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
.:ellabella:. Chained-Alloy nipple chain
Pure Poison – Gold Goddess Sandals – XS
Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) XXS – Mid
poses: Purple Poses
location, a posh Sith jail cell in Byss

Pic 2
Zibska, Einarr set rare (NEW gacha at ty Zib!)
Belle Cherie, Siren outfit (at AnyBody)
-Glam Affair – Sia Artic tone – 02 A (oldie)
[The Forge] Boho Bracelet (Bronze)
pose: Grafica, Thing pack (ty Alyx!)
location: Doomed Ship


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