Daucus in the dell

daucusinthedell Zib Scaggs has been creating her giant heart out and I have been remiss in not keeping up. Today I want to share with you her Daucus gown, which is available at Rock Your Rack. This is a charity event supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation and is presented by Models Giving Back. The fashion event is a couture maven’s dream. As is her wont, Ms. Scaggs is donating 100% of the proceeds from her creations. (There’s something wrong with the small version of this image. Please click through to see the larger size.)hope it doesn't rain bright eyes I strive to avoid nature in any life. But I decided to try shooting the high artifice of Zibska’s spiky silver-and-steel woven gown with the spontaneous show of silky green grass dotted with delicate pink flowers. When photographer Helmut Newton created stark contrasts in his images he put his couture-clad models in too-gritty settings. (A series of night-time shots that juxtaposed Yves St. Laurent clothing with power plant signs reading DANGER was a favourite in my teen years. I didn’t realize that it was the fatale-looking femmes who were most deadly.) I suspect that reversing Newton’s formula is wrongheaded, if only because Portia hates what the morning dew to does to her Pure Poison platform shoes.

Zibska, Daucus Noir (NEW; comes with neckpiece not shown at Rock Your Rack (ty Zib!)
Zibska, Giselle Earrings and Necklace in Noir (hunt item at Rock Your Rack; ty again Zib!)
Pure Poison – Anime Platforms – (colour change, 99L for this month’s Mix, and hot and fun at the same time)
LaGyo_Coven mask – Black (at Collabor88 till the 6th)
[FubutsuuDow] Three rings gift (at Totally Top Shelf)
Maitreya, Lara Mesh Body – V3.4
:[Plastik]:- Velos Wrist Cuff // Vintage (past gacha)
Glam Affair – Luna skin – Exotic – Simply Girl – (past 50L Friday)
*Milk* Odd Beauty Freckles.
.random.Matter. – Misery Brows
99Hair -Krima (not available)
the blessed pose that kept Portia’s arms well out of her dress: Purple Pose, Ella Pack
location: Rock Your Rack


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