Not spittin’ cotton

hello mom im in jail Multiple choice question: If this photo looks weird to you is it because you haven’t a) shopped this month’s ROMP, b) read my blog before now, c) experimented with extreme camera angles, d) wondered when master’s coming back, or e) all of the above. (What follows is under the cut for work safety reasons.)
saying outh The Tongue Trap from CerberusXing is highly versatile. It can make your av look cute or tortured, depending on your aesthetic choices. Use the tinting palette to turn the tongue green and your kink accessory is perfect for Hallowe’en.
doggieforsale Real Evil’s “piercing corset” is closer to a well-ventilated thong. Kinky as your great grandma’s hairpin, it comes in rigged and unrigged versions and offers ribbon and metal colour options. Unfortunately the black is grey and it’s always disappointing when black is grey. The thong is resizable. For photos you will want to swell it up lest it look like any old pair of SLundies. The evil.fairy.nipple.rings from ieQed aren’t even evil adjacent. They are a delicate, classy alternative for those of you who object to bedecking breasts with chopsticks, vampire fangs, dollar signs or Easy buttons.

[CX] Tongue Trap Pierced (Onyx) [offers silver, black and gold metal options] (at ROMP)
**Real Evil** LUX Piercing Corset (at ROMP)
ieQED, evil.fairy.nipple.rings (gacha at The Gathering or buy at a yard sale)
creator?, Ruffneck Collar, free Open Collar collar
.Shi : Journey Earring (old Gift)
:[P]:- Velos Wrist Cuff // Stripe (past gacha)
TuTy’s ADORABLE – Updo hairstyle – Blue antracite
Glam Affair – Luna skin – Exotic – Simply Girl – (past 50L Friday)
.random.Matter. – Misery Brows
antielle. Dissolved Tears (past gacha)
ama. whipped ass and thighs (has Maitreya applier)
ama. whipped chest and back (has Maitreya applier)
TattooMania, Keru (has Maitreya applier)
Maitreya, Lara Mesh Body – Alpha 3.4
BENT, Caged Couture prop (not available sadly)


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