Leather and leash

built to last I’ve been aching to wear one of UC’s impressive creations, so I snapped up this classic leather bondage dress when I saw it at Cosmopolitan. Today’s post is actually a public service: the vendor image doesn’t display the range of ways one can wear this item, so I am doing my bit to raise awareness of the options. You can add fur sleeves to transition in an instant from fall to winter or from a cosy bedroom to a damp dungeon. You can also switch from lady to lout—drop the skirt and you’re left with a many-belted jacket. Finally, you can earn a moderate rating on Flickr by stripping out the panels that oh so cruelly imprison your avi’s beautiful breasts. (What comes next is NSFW.) wrecked woman I shot this photo of a ravaged Portia before I had the good fortune of being put through my own personal wringer. A submissive female friend of mine is trying her hand at topping, with much success, and I was very excited when she invited me to bottom for her at the local dungeon. She’s a brilliant woman and an extraordinarily adventurous submissive. She shares my love of mischief but she was not joking when she told me to call her Sir. Sir began by cuffing my wrists in front of me and added a leash. That’s all it took to transform me into a shy creature sitting gratefully at her feet. When Sir went to get a bottle of water from the bar she put the leash into my mouth and I sat there like a nervous dog, not able to look at anyone else, straining to hear Sir’s conversation with the other patrons, and wondering if she was ever coming back. For the evening’s main event, Sir cuffed me to a St. Andrew’s cross and took her time decorating my thighs with dozens of cane strokes, some of which came up in ugly welts and turned into nasty bruises overnight. Much to Sir’s delight.
shine a light.jpgBest of all, Sir held me and stroked me when she wasn’t hurting me, giving me the sensuous gratification that I’ve not had from other tops. And while she petted me Sir praised me for doing so well on my first outing. (This I found hard to believe. Receiving praise is as much of a challenge as taking pain.) I didn’t of course end up looking as horrific as my avi does here, but I did get my share of smeared lipstick. When my top and I were having a midnight snack at a railroad-car diner, I wiped my mouth on a napkin and discovered my lipstick had migrated up under my nose. I wondered aloud how I ended up with a Hitler mustache. “I kissed you,” my top said simply. “Oh that’s right,” I replied evenly, as though her statement had merely solved a mystery and she ran no risk of setting me and the fry cook on (metaphorical) fire.

NEW UC_leather_dress_belted_navy_Maitreya (at Cosmopolitan Sale Room) (the black version is quite grey so I chose the navy)
NEW JD – Fever Maitreya Boots Leather Black (at Fameshed)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.4 with hands and feet
[ MUDSKIN ]_Don’t Be Cry_NE_India (former event exclusive)
ZD. Pubic Hair Full Black HUD Maitreya (buy in world; Marketplace has fatpack only)
antielle. Bites and Blood
antielle. Smeared Makeup Crimson (Lipstick)
NEW [theSkinnery] Huntress Markings – Eye Wound (at We <3 Roleplay)
SOUL. Goodbye Face Tattoo (old gift)
.random.Matter. – Misery Brows [worn with a weird brow shape…so much nicer without it]
{S0NG} :: Cupid ~ Blue Eye
.LeLutka.Trompeur [hair with mask] (group gift)
.LeLutka.Rykiel from the reds pack (an older style)
Wasabi Pills, Shaved Hair Base (2012 Fantasy Faire gift)
LUXE. Pentagram Cuff Black
COCO, LeatherGloves(IronBlue)
Plethora – Leather Belt Prop (Held) – Black
Dari’s Haus, Dari’s ball gag
poses: Inertia (at Gen Neutral)
pose pic 4: Kirin, from the Miki pack
location: Saikin/ bOON


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