Love it and leave it

lovebird What blogger could resist Exposeur’s cage? It’s not the least bit ironic as it heart-frames an av’s sweet face. That’s because love is all around when a slave is on her knees and under lock and key. My lovebird is wearing Svana, a new flower-chain necklace and earrings from Zib Scaggs for Zibska. You can change the colour of each petal of the flower by HUD. I went for jewel tones to harmonize with the Dead Dollz spiked satin lingerie in dark blue. Like all Zibska jewellery, these pieces can be resized. Travel beyond the cut to see the full-length version of the necklace tickle Portia’s nipples.
no beggar I decided last week to stop blogging for my wonderful creators. I’d felt for a while that I was not shooting their work often enough. And I’d struggled, as I mentioned in a previous post, with mitigating the impact of my bondage pics and posts on the creators’ brands. It was Zib Scaggs who gave me the push I needed. She sent her bloggers a message asking if they wanted to continue and explaining that it was okay if they didn’t. I’d been feeling bad about abandoning my creators, some of whom I’d blogged for for five years! And I wondered how I would fare without a creative outlet. I realized that I didn’t have to stop blogging if I left my official posts. And I also realized, again thanks to Zib, that if I stepped out of a group someone else could step in. Joining the Zibska group was so exciting for me. I wanted someone else, hopefully someone who is just starting out, to have that experience. Although I wrote immediately to Zib to tell her I was going to move on, I was not able to leave the bloggers group. Having written to my other creators without feeling unduly sad, I found that leaving their blogging groups brought on a flood of tears. I cried like a kid. It was like giving up my soother, security blanket, favourite toy and chocolate milk all at once. Zibska with a Z was of course last on my list, and I wasn’t able to cut that last tie. I was relieved when Zib ejected me a couple of days later. In fact, I IMed to thank her. Which was weird, I know. It seems that I needed one more nudge to leave the nest. Fortunately for you and me, this doesn’t mean that I will never again blog my creators’ works. Unfortunately, it may mean that I get nostalgic and tell you this story each time I feature their creations.
dollies LMs for the creators I blogged for are still available on a page I am now calling Co-players instead of Sponsors. I don’t know what Pleisure is going to be. Part of me wants to devote the blog to BDSM in both my lives. Part of me wonders if I’m done with the blog and just haven’t accepted that yet. I have a feeling, however, that for the foreseeable future I will continue along my chosen path, attracting absolutely no attention, improving none of my skills, blogging cages that everyone else escaped ten days ago, and trying to keep Portia’s breasts, bruises and bits under the cuts.

NEW Zibska, Svana Earring and Necklace (at On9 till January 28; ty Zib!)
NEW Dead Dollz, Satin bra and panties (sold as a set) in Blue/Gold (at ROMP)
Maitreya, Mesh Body – Lara V3.4
.Birdy. Red skin ~Porcelaine~ (Limited edition Enchanted, not available)
White Widow, Legend arms black (gacha at The Epiphany)
White Widow, Legend legs black (gacha at The Epiphany)
White Widow, Southpaw chest black (past gacha)
.ARISE. Mana Eyebrows Soft (natural brown – tintable)
{S0NG} :: Anim~ Aqua Eye
little bones. Scope (M) (group gift fat pack)
/Wasabi Pills/ Hairbase – SHAVED – (was a gift at FF2012)
The Xhale // Yves Fur Vest Navy S (a beautiful blue and so affordable!)
NEW [CX] Wrapped Himo Geta Maitreya (1-Black) (so hot—gacha at The Epiphany)
.random.Matter. – Bastille Cuff – Gold
MONS / MESH – Choker navy (group gift)
NEW Exposeur, Precious Pet Cage (with five lovely poses)
Eclectic Randomness, Doll Cabinet (I used a flowey pose because I couldn’t get the menu to work, probably because I was the captive not the captor. And I couldn’t get out of the cabinet, even though my RLV is off [because I kept getting trapped in erm cabinets]. I escaped by TPing to a sofa. #Likeaboss.)
pose for pic 2 is also by flowey
pic 3 shot at the very classy Adult sim Pain and Fame—design by Junior Jack


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