Cover me, darling please

monkeyheadOn February 8 we enter the year of the monkey. I had some trouble finding a good prop for last year and was offended on the part of goats and sheep when I discovered that either one would do! I had no success this year looking for monkeys on Marketplace, where I expected to find a barrel vintage monogrammed trunk full of them. Luckily, Taiko McCaw of Naminoke has hooked us all up with this group gift. I was born in a year of the monkey. A little reading told me that monkey years are bad for monkeys and that monkeys are smart and witty and mischievous but they hurt people’s feelings because they don’t know when to stop. A little reading…don’t like it but I guess I’m learning.

outfit by Dead Dollz, cuff by Sn@tch, earring by Zibska (blogged recently), chain by Haste, tat by White Widow (blogged recently), body by Maitreya, skin by Birdy (n/a), prop by Naminoke, Windlight by Annan Adored
shot at Just Another Tequila Sunrise


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