Steam and sheen

poised Now that I don’t feel a rush to blog new items I have become an inept photographer. For three of my last four posts I have had to do two shoots. Deciding that the first one is terrible, I do a second that is no better. If I were trying to honour a commitment to a creator I would do the shoot and post it even if I wasn’t ecstatic about my work. The one upside of being unsatisfied is feeling driven to find a setting better than the one in the first batch of pix. Did you know that you can tag a sim with BDSM and steampunk and the grid doesn’t groan or grind to a horrified halt?! On my first night shooting the new Yayoi top and skirt by r2 A/D/E, Portia visited the classy German BDSM club Cafe SMerte. The furnishings are all beautiful leather pieces and the space itself is more of a re-purposed factory rather than a pinioned and pistony pleasure machine. That reminds me, if you don’t like the modern sybians you’ve encountered in other sex sims, you should check out the lovely olde-fashioned version plonked at the feet of one of SMerte’s leather club chairs. pillarpinup On my second shoot I visited The New Crystal Rose, which is a multi-level glass-walled airborne club decorated with what I take to be tin ceiling tiles. In one large hall there are six rotating pedestals waiting to turn sexy slaves into stiff dolls. I didn’t like the stiff pose so I substituted a couple of pinup poses from my inventory. Don’t forget that I usually post an extra pic on my Flickr feed. This time it’s a shadow-soaked version of the pedestal pic.
steamturnLong skirt, long slit. Makes sense to me.

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5 (new version)
r2 A/D/E yayoi skirt[tan]Maitreya [panties come with skirt] (at Collabor88)
r2 A/D/E yayoi top[tan]Maitreya (at Collabor88)
[Haste] Ashie V2 Bronze body chain
.:EMO-tions:. * STARLINE 1*/black
.random.Matter. – Rasputina Septum – Bronze
AC’s, Leather Cuffs set (free on Marketplace, this set comes with a belt and a collar as well as thigh, ankle, wrist and upper arm cuffs)
BowChicka – Purismo shoe 2 – *B* – Brushed Gold – Slink High Feet
ieQED jessi.rings.bronze[MAITREYA 10]
[ContraptioN] Field Technician’s Headphones *default* (past gacha from Marketplace)
-Glam Affair – Yolandi Africa – 02 (past gacha)
{S0NG} :: Cupid~ Grey Eye
pose pic one: Marukin, Severine and Honeyryder pack
poses pics two and three: Glitterati, Pinup pack (not available)


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