This ain’t really alive

plaguedoctorandnurse Portia plays a retro very very bad bad nurse, as in naughty but also complicit, an allegory for the Reagan era. (Fashion details: Moon has done a Bettie Page tribute hairdo. Mad’s medical pasties are perfect, and most of them aren’t as over-the-top sexy as these. The pasties are your go-to replacement for that rare dress that you can’t win when you play Zenith’s medic gacha, which is brilliant.)
training day21st-century harried, and horrified nurse, a debtor pressed into service in one of the “caring professions” that attracts fewer and fewer people. Possibly because the job pays nothing to burn people out. By people I mean women, who do 80% of the care work in the west. (I never thought I’d get a chance to use Katatonik’s Plague Doctor gacha buddy. This critter waited patiently for a High Concept post. As you know, a clipboard is the universal sign of Thoughtful Insightful SL blog posts.)
killnotcure Donald Trump’s Neoliberalist fascisim triumphant. This is straight-up dystopian-future sci fi in lingerie, which is really about the now, people, not about the later. (I love Naminaeko’s Windlights. These are the first set of crazy colour lights I’ve been able to use on my retro MacBook. The peep-toes are an N Core group gift.)

Gil Scott Heron’s B Movie, 1981. This shit’s been going on for ages.

NEW Moon. Hair. // Tin Foiled II Hysteria pack (at No. 21)
NEW N-core KAREN “Black” for Maitreya High Feet (group gift)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
=Zenith=Medic Poison Belt (Black)(Maitreya) (pic 2)
=Zenith=Medic first aid Belt (Black)(Maitreya) (pic 3)
=Zenith=Medic gloves (Black)(Maitreya)
=Zenith=Patient Record board (pic 2)
+Spellbound+ Magical Pony Bit // Silver/Pitch
+Spellbound+ Magical Pony Harness – Heart // Silver/Pitch
Cheeky Amour, Valentines Necklace and lingerie (past Valentine’s gift)
Glitzz, Lovely Stocking (gorgeous open gift, LGBTQ pride rainbow on the back!)
Meva, Mask 2 (past Xmas gift; United Colors has something similar) (pic 3)
*S.E.* (creator Draconias Timeless), Vera Spiked Bat Bloody (pic 3)

NEW Yasum*Nose Piercing *Black* (gift at We <3 roleplay)
[CX] Tongue Trap Pierced (Onyx) (just yum)
.ARISE. Lip Drool (with resizer) [I edited this, moving it from the lips to the tip of the tongue] (last seen at Fi*Friday)
-[aka SU!] Suicidal Unborn!- Silent Eyes Haze (old gift)
-Glam Affair – Skye II – Jamaica 01 NB (not new)
NOX. Smut Lip [Red]
Nox. Beauty Marks [Four]
antielle. Smeared Makeup (Black Mascara)
.random.Matter. – Misery Brows

Katatonik, Plague Doctor (past gacha)

pose 1: ZZANG, Pin up Doll pack
pose 2: estetica, Pinup Pack
pose 3: Olive Juice, Gamer con pack (not available)

pic 3 Adorkable Poses, My Padded Room (n/a)
Doomed Ship Medical Bay


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