Devolution of an image

what? “Why not break out of the bondage mould?” I thought to myself. Instead of heading to the dungeon in the three-piece Risa ensemble by Violent Seduction, I would create a fun, colourful character. Whom I promptly photographed in a serious environment—the lovely .anc. staircase with its lone window, where ethereal avs go to look otherworldly. It’s a rare gacha and takes pride of place on many an upscale sim. This one is It All Starts with a Smile. [We get kinky sexy under the cut.]
catnapped The next day I decided that bondage might be a good idea after all, since my first photo had not shown off the Risa cage, which can be worn separately from the skirt and bandeau top. The crazy-coloured hair and lip smacks had to yield to something creepy, a bejewelled hood created by Vale Koer and Moon.
wrenching The next day the Risa outfit was gone. It turned out that the real star of this post is La Malvada Mujer’s tattoo. Like most things, it looks good with rope. I like this picture because I rarely depict my av struggling and screaming. She is usually unmoving and unmoved. I was shocked and aroused when I opened the photo. It’s the first of my pictures that’s had that effect on me. I think it’s the combination of the graphically distended mouth and the soft velvety flesh punctuated by harsh shadows. Plus I love a hood.

NEW Violent Seduction – Risa Outfit MAITREYA (Red) (Kustom9)
NEW hair pic one: /Wasabi Pills/ Lee Mesh Hair – SL 13th Birthday Gift at Hairology
hair pics two and three: Moon and Vale Koer, Element Monotone pack (available at Moon)
NEW Belle Epoque { In The Navy } Gloves #2 (at Jackpot gacha: all the cute outfits are rare or ultrarare, so this gacha is about gloves and hats)
La Malvada Mujer – The Sugar Addiction tattoo / fresh full body (only on Marketplace; includes Omega and TMP appliers as well as system layers)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
#187# Handcuffs Melee Red-Gold R
Kibitz – Dali’s leather hand cuff [L] red
-Glam Affair – Oakley skin – Asia 07 C
Ah Flou – Kiss me, blush. (not available)
:::Sn@tch Full Face Blush (Light):::
[Crash Republic] Rebel Eyes – blue
pics two and three shot at Japan BDSM (features a roomy shibari house)


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