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“Seeking EXPERIENCED rope top for rope scene involving intensification of rope sensations. More importantly—I want to feel the top welcome my submission in the forms of going into trance and supplication. Impact play—thuddy—also welcome.”

That’s the want ad I posted on the Wishes Board at MEEHU 3. MEEHU is the annual Midwest convention for erotic hypnosis enthusiasts. (There are east and west coast events for those of you who don’t live in the “heartland.”) I’d been curious about the con but not committed to going until I discovered that many of the classes involved rope and impact play as inducements to trance or as trance-enhanced experiences. (Caveat: hypnosis can cause anesthetization, so the subject may be insufficiently sensitive to pain levels.) I posted my Wish early Friday, the first day of the con, and took it down that afternoon when I realized that I was in over my head, as it were. “Deeper and deeper” the [hypno]tist says to their subject. “And drop!” (There’s no nudity or bondage under the cut but I do refer to f***ing, and to YouTube, which may be more disturbing.)
In the past I’ve tried self-hypnosis with YouTube videos. I was never certain that I was in a trance, but I enjoyed the feeling in my chest of sinking downwards—in something like surrender—and finding myself in an altered state, even if that state lay just beneath the threshold of “normal” wakefulness. There were times when I felt myself disappear more, become more mindless. Mindfree, actually, and glad of it. But until Friday night, when I played with a tist I met at a mixer, I worried that I wouldn’t be a good subject for hypnosis because I am too inhibited and uptight. And, as my mother would say when she was losing an argument to me, I’ve got a mind like a steel trap. It turned out that I can trance with the best of them…with the best of the beginners, at least. After we did a brief trial run, we negotiated to play. It’s no accident that there’s a lot of crossover between BDSM and erotic hypnosis. Both depend on dominant/submissive relationships (tist/subject, top/bottom, master/slave, however you want to qualify it). Although one can’t be hypnotized to do something one doesn’t want to do, it’s possible to play a scene as if one has no choice but to submit.

One of the better MEEHU classes demonstrated that rope, especially when it is a means of expressing dominance, is a kinesthetic form of hypnosis, one that can entrance a bottom/subject without words. Many of the tists I saw in classes used their hands as well as patter to induce trance. While I would have happily let my play partner tie me up, I didn’t want him to put me under by touching my shoulder or stroking my arms or back. There’s something falsely tender about that, and I often find touch from a stranger coercive.)
trancing My experiences with self-hypnosis and rope probably helped me drop quickly into a trance when my new tist top and I settled ourselves on the floor of the (modest) dungeon to do a hypnotic spanking scene. I started by sitting on my heels with my hands on my thighs. When the tist suggested that my wrists were bound in front of me, my body responded very slowly, much to my dismay. But before too long, my wrists came together and my arms stretched out in front of me as I slumped and then slid forward into a kneeling position. My tist-top knelt beside me and began to clap his hands to simulate the sound of smacks on my ass. Responding to his suggestion, my body behaved as though I were being spanked: I shuddered and cried out, both with varying degrees of intensity, as in any good spanking. But I didn’t feel a hand on my ass (and I didn’t feel aroused). He was clapping faster than I could respond, and he had to slow down to accommodate my tempo. It must have played out like crappy streaming porn clips, where the soundtrack lags behind the visuals and completely ruins any kind of impact scene. According to the tist-top, I was probably “dolphining” down into and up out of trance, such that my response was uneven. The end of the scene made up for the unevenness of the rest. I was amused to see that I was making very specific gestures, fully playing my fantasy role. Not waiting for my tist-top, I set about wriggling out of the rope knotted around my wrists. Working at the rope myself meant that the cuffs were loosened unequally and my hand movements registered the difference. While my right hand slid easily out of the larger coil, I had to wriggle my left hand to pull it free.

The next day I asked the tist if he would like to play again, and he said yes. I messaged him to suggest a scene quite similar to the Wish I’d posted. I was ambivalent about the idea and suspected that he wasn’t up to receiving my submission. In the end he cancelled on me—way too late in the day, the bastard—so he could play with someone he could, as he said, “touch.” By that I assumed he meant fuck, because he’d declared the night before that when he plays he is up for anything and everything. (The day after he returned from MEEHU, he announced on FetLife that he was going for his semi-annual HIV/STD testing. It must have been a good fuck.)

For the curious: Ultrahypnosis is my favourite online “erotic hypnotist,” though he is neither sexy nor truly dominant. I enjoy a video that prolongs the “deep” trance for half an hour. But it doesn’t make me feel submissive, as it is supposed to. His kinkiest video instructs the subject to hold their breath. Amazingly it works for me every time, unless I am too distracted to relax. I hold my breath when he tells me to. I do breathe if I need to, however. As they say in the biz, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. A person in trance is suggestible, not gullible. Part of the trancee’s mind judges what is transpiring in a session, so the subject can opt out of doing anything unpalatable.

Credits for the first photo
hair: little bones. (group gift)
skin: Birdy. Willow Skin – Cafe – Bare
bit and harness: Spellbound
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
bra and panties set: .Enfant Terrible. Vintage Romance Maitreya set RARE (gacha, check Marketplace and yard sales)

Credits for the second photo: BDSM isn’t sex, but it is


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