The rare obligation

cagedbirddsontsingharper I’ve had some rope adventures in recent weeks, and maybe I haven’t posted because I was waiting for a scene to shake me hard enough to make it worth relating. I did have to go through a period of mourning after the extremely attractive man who lives in a foreign city ghosted on me. (See Express Yourself for my post about meeting him.) When we met we had talked about me going back to see him. But when I suggested online that we could ponder this possibility, he told me he needed to acquire more experience and education before we could tie again. I exhorted him very cutely to practice on me, but he didn’t reply. (Why venture under the cut? You’ll just be freaked out by sexy stuff. I wasn’t going to publish this post, but Flickr marked my account as unsafe. So let’s try to live up to that. A little.)
ownedpromagic I thought my full response to his message continued a conversation we’d started about the education he was seeking. But no, his message was a brush off. After many days of grief—he could have waited till I exited my mega-crush on him—I finally felt a little anger and unfriended him. This erased our conversation from his history. (I archived it. So I still have it.) I exacted the only loss I could. I wonder if he’ll ever notice. I may be a little mean, but that’s better than messaging someone who leaves without saying goodbye and asking “why did you ghost?” There’s no way to communicate with a ghost. Unless it’s a poltergeist and you throw around the knick-knacks before it can get to them. What a workout that would be. (You see how much my rope bottoming has interested me in fitness?)
promagicrare4 Did I mention how many intense fantasies this guy inspired? Like the one where he and I have assumed the traditional position for tying the takate kote. We are both kneeling. I am in front of him. He ties my arms behind my back and rigs the chest harness. Less traditionally, he is wearing a leather cock cage, something which his FetLife profile lists as a fetish. And I am having one of those off days when my body can’t pick up all the cues he’s sending me with the rope. So I accidentally rub up against his chastitized cock many many times before apologizing for being a “bad bottom.”

*PROMAGIC* Kinky -Gold rare outfit (gacha)
*LODE* Accessory – Grapes and Roses Collar [white] (pic 2 only)
Exile:: Little By LIttle hair
LaGyo_Laurel earring gold
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
[ME], Owned Tattoo (Marketplace freebie) [OMG there are so many “owned” tattoos! this is the classy one]
-Glam Affair – Elvi – Jamaica – 03 A
#adored – kit lashes
{S0NG} :: Lyn~ Teal Eye
Stockholm & Lima cage prop
location Hollowtree

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