Who’s got the stick?

prodommeA colleague and I have each been asked to teach an extra course without overload pay to cover for someone who quit without warning, effective immediately. Correction, we weren’t asked; we were told to do it. There’s no money to hire an adjunct, we were told. Then we were told that if we signed a contract to mount an online course, before we have an agreement with the university that protects our IP rights, we could have money for an adjunct for one of the classes. There’s no money, but there’s money. But only if you’re desperate enough, or dumb enough, to fall for this blackmail. We called the union, which was certified last spring, but which has not yet negotiated a new contract. Over the weekend, I learned that the administration can force us to teach the courses and we can launch a grievance, with protection because it is collective action. But protected action is never really protected. We can’t be fired, but we can be made miserable. The union notes that what the administration is trying to push through would be a unilateral change to working conditions, which is not allowed. We are also in a teaching emergency situation because we were left in the lurch, and there are supposed to be funds to cover emergencies. But the boss believes that he is in the right, that colleagues must absorb a professor’s workload when she retires suddenly, and that they will keep doing it because there isn’t going to be a replacement. A replacement would cost money. And there’s no money. Unless there is.laborCalling the union and asking them to sit in on today’s meeting with the admin was my idea. I didn’t know that calling the union would leave me feeling so awful. I do not want to be in the position of having to call the union. On the other hand, I also don’t want to be ordered to take on another course without overload pay. Yet I feel guilty for “narcing.” I feel fear of reprisals. I feel daunted at the prospect of sending out a call for solidarity to faculty within the college but outside our department. When one says “Support this protest or the next time it will be you,” one speaks to people who need to believe that they are safe from such things so that they can get out of bed in the morning. Today, I felt not only my own queasiness but also that of the union execs themselves, who know that this is just the first of hundreds of violations that will be visited upon the faculty as the university gets more and more desperate. And that it will be harder to muster up the courage to fight back, even though we now have the union, because we are constantly being told that programs will have to be eliminated or cut back to the bone, leaving us too scared to say anything. This is not to claim that the violations are new. Faculty and staff have just been accepting them because we are always being told how little we matter to the mission of the university, which is to make money. What’s new is the union. And what’s new, and sickening for me, is an even more stressful, depressing and frankly humiliating job situation than the one I already had.

This isn’t a fashion post. Winning the gacha would be tough. The Dura hair may be retired. (So old it adds 50,000 to your av’s rendering cost!) The bangles were a limited time gift. The skins, by Glam Affair, were also specials.
Dress, with rope, rare gacha by Pixicat
Hair, pic two, Dura
Bangles by Meva—advent gift
Shoes by Violent Seduction
Nose chain by Charm
Smile Tattoo, which is awesome, cheap from This Is Wrong
Lara body by Maitreya
Pic one: pose by Bauhaus Movement, shot near the store
Pic two: pose by Ma Vie, from the Mistress pack (with substitute whip), shot at the BDSM building at Ballz Deep, which has to be seen to be believed. Just remembered that the last time I tried to TP in, the sim had changed. So this may be yet one more casualty of the puzzling SLack of interest in SLexy times.


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