Kink on a dime

Reader, I suffered for you this week. I decided to see if it was possible to SLook kinky for SLess. It is. I offer some tips. Portia jumps on every bondage device she sees, and lately she’s been touring BDSM sims because she thinks it might be time to find me a cyber dom. My inventory is bursting with free cuffs. I also have lots of free collars, some of which you can pick up at places like Submission Set Free. It is the case that these items are not top quality goods you want to show off in your fashion-forward photos. I was disappointed when I went through the collars I’ve collected, which are scripted so submissives can do all their grovelly poses, but which tend also to be blingy and poorly textured. I got my favorite free cuffs—a little Gorean in metal, but elegantly delicate and black—from the Grid Couch at Aisling (see pic 3). If you’ve got a little bit of money, there are plenty of gacha cuffs and collars for sale on Marketplace, and they come in a variety of colours rather than just basic black.
The nipple clamps come from CC’s Spread Em prop. These are nicely scaled, if a little large. (If you were standing in RL, these clamps would drag you down with your nipples.) There’s nothing worse than buying an item that is scaled for a yeti rather than a female avatar. Giant clothespins are neither sexy nor true to life. I need some realism in my fantasies. D’eVil offers an array of free bondage and fetish items, which are perfect for people who are just starting out, or who have spent so much on a new outfit at Romp or Kinky Monthly that they can’t afford accessories. Look on Marketplace and inworld for D’eVil items. (I have a Smell Shoe Gag and a Bamboo Gag from D’eVil, which are all “Muahaha you won’t get free of this until you change all your settings.” But I didn’t find them during this week’s search.) The free D’eVil ballet boots (not shown) are disappointing, but this has always been a problem. Now that Slink has created the pointe foot, however, some creators are making good-looking ballet-torture-type footwear. I love N Core’s sleek version, even though it’s more about the leg warmers than the shoe. Oh yeah—N Core is in the middle of sale! Meanwhile, if your tastes run to avant-garde, you’ll find a small assortment of inventively diabolical toe shoes at Azoury. But not for free.
I feel ambivalent about the word WHORE scrawled on Portia’s face, courtesy S.M.H. I hate the way the patriarchy denigrates women as whores and sluts. But I also know that I have enjoyed being called a whore when a roleplay heats up. It’s always been about being my partner’s whore: I’m monogamously slutty. In RL, I am an exhibitionist at heart, so I know I would enjoy being displayed in the dungeon in a degraded state, possibly sweaty and covered in mud and labeled “filthy.” I enjoy it when someone objectifies me sexually, telling me, for instance, that I feel vulnerable because people are looking at my ass. Part of the fun is the difference in the way my pussy and brain react: the pussy throbs but the brain says “People are not staring at my ass. My ass is covered by boy shorts, and I’m almost certain that I have been on my back during the entire scene. And anyway, no one wants to look at my ass. It’s too flat. And everyone in the dungeon has a better ass. Even the guy I’m playing with has an ass cuter than mine. Etc.” While my brain huffs and hotly denies that I have been exhibiting my butt to an appreciative audience, my soul takes its cue from my happy, wet vag. If my brain is a mess of hamsters on wheels, my soul is a pretty butterfly flitting around my top, showing him how much I enjoy his carefully chosen insults.

Ama. : Pride Collar 2017 (gg)
{S.M.H} Dirty Mouth (This is tintable and includes an Omega applier and a classic tat layer.)
[D’eVil] Chastity Belt Thin (This is Maitreya only. It’s scripted: one option lets you turn off the chastity shields and wear it as a chain belt with a cute lock. There’s also a thick belt but I couldn’t edit it to fit my av.)
[D’eVil] Lia Gloves (Maitreya only, tintable) (I’m going back for the latex boots and will try out a latex dress. I hate spending big bucks for a fabric that’s tough to simulate for SL.)
~*By Snow*~ Maitreya – BDSM Emblem Nails (These are not shown. They feature a triskelion symbol in monochrome variations)
[ME] Owned tattoo (This is the best-lettered version of the word: no one wants to be owned in Comic Sans.)

From props
. a i s l i n g . WristCuff from Grid Couch (There are also ankle cuffs.)
NippleClamp&&CC’s from CC’s Spread Em II, version 1.008 (This prop also has clit clamps, an asshook and cuffs for a myraid of attachment points.)

:::{KOXAHA}::: BDSM tattoo Submissive (This is 25L on Marketplace and has Belleza, Maitreya, Omega appliers.)

On sale
N-core AISHA *OVER KNEE BOOTS* “Pink” for Maitreya Lara (This pack gives you three variations: shoe, under-the-knee boot and over-the-knee.)

Neither free nor cheap
ICONIC:HF:MAE:TOTAL STYLER:RIGGED in Tonal pack (at Hair Fair) (This can’t be resized and it gaps in back. An alpha doesn’t help. There’s no hairbases in the pack or on Marketplace. These would be appreciated. I’ll try the inworld store.)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1 (I’m sticking with my avs real heads instead of going mesh, but I haven’t taken Lara off since I got her.)

-Glam Affair – Elvi – America – 03 B (I think this is a gacha that you might find in store)

Also of note
pic two was shot at Opium Den, which is beautiful and stocked to bursting with props. The pose is from An Lar, Walled


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