The longue goodbye

I have no idea why welcoming 2018 made me go retro. Portia does look lovely in fake fur and theatrical femininity. But that just makes me even more suspicious of my unconscious motives. Compare last year’s photograph, which saw Anorak setting to work against the orange menace. As business-like as she looked, Anorak also dressed in an exaggeratedly feminine ensemble. She was thinking pink.
I think we can all agree that 2017 saw unbelievably awful American politicians do unbelievably awful things. But it also saw short-circuits in the system of routine and traumatizing sexual harassment. Maybe Portia’s ensemble represents my hope that the future will be even more female.

June Carter’s free 2018 fireworks:
Enfant Terrible furs and necklace were (and possibly still are) a Holiday Hunt gift.
Devious Mind pasties are part of the past Mata Hari gacha.
N-core shoes are a current group gift.
Glitzz earrings were an advent calendar gift.
Portia wears Maitreya’s Lara body and an old Glam Affair skin, Sia.
Also old is the Behavior Body chaise longue, which came with an accompanying pose HUD with all BB’s nude poses. I do not know how many years ago I bought this. BB is defunkt.


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