Blog’s labour lost

I first accessorized Salt’s Brianna dress when it was a fresh offering at April’s ROMP. I used a cute hairstyle that came with a rose gag, something I picked up at a pervy fair running at the same time. I even had the perfect pose, also from that fair. Anise, my av, was looking sweet-but-hot in her Glam Affair applier. I was going to take achingly au courant pictures. But I didn’t have the time to shoot. When I popped the outfit on my av yesterday, I discovered that the hair/gag appeared dated and my av’s face seemed silly. It took me ages to refresh the look. I’d already used the pose in another post, so I went in search of a prop. You know how it goes. I shot for ages in a pose prop I wasn’t excited about, never getting a photo I was happy with. Finally, I chose a Windlight I no longer use and got this stunning effect. It’s still not an ensemble I’m happy with, and it doesn’t show off the amazing dress, which has a temptingly open backside. But it’s an aesthetic departure for me so I was excited by it. This in spite of the fact that my av looks ugly and demented (thanks to a free Foxcity expression HUD). All that hard work and frustration and all the unbeauty I reluctantly embraced led to the inevitable: the pic tanked on Flickr.*
Meanwhile, I threw together this outfit in a hot minute. It includes a colour-change dress by Scandalize and hair by Fabia, both gifts at Très Chic. I shot it quickly, when I was too tired to try anything fancy, and with no plan to post it. I used a tried-and-true Windlight and an old pose I adopt far too often. Guess what happened. It’s steaming up the charts on Flickr.(Okay, as steaming as my photos get.** It’s going to get more than 20 likes.) The moral of the story is: fuck this blogging thing is fucking hard to figure out, even after 7 years. Also: don’t let me go to Uber.

*Pubic hair means the pic is restricted. Since it’s not erotic I didn’t post it in any of the sexy/sex groups. Maybe I should have done better by it.
**In fact, there’s not so much steam here. It’s a comparatively classy ensemble.

Credits for things I didn’t mention in the post
Pic one
pose prop by EvoLove
hair by Dura
cuffs/collar by Salt and Pepper
ginger (yay) pubic hair by Rose and Elin’s Curiosity Shoppe on Marketplace
Pic two
location Comhar (see last post for URL)
shoes old N-Core gift
pose so so olde PDA perfection


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