Midnight snack

You may be interested to know that
—after years of posting small pics so that I wouldn’t run out of my maxedish storage I suddenly decided to buy more storage and I don’t know why #Ilikeme
—it’s possible to win the snazzy ringmistress outfit pictured here from ANTINATURAL’s Lootbox gacha because creator Kaorinette isn’t one of those ghastly meanies who makes all the clothing RARE #ratedG
—I fucked up Ama’s blood splatter on the LeLutka face by using the eye makeup layer and had to edit it; when it works it covers the whole left cheek #juicy
—Ama’s blood splatter makes it look like Portia killed a bunch of people and then put on a clean outfit but forgot to wash off the blood #indamnspot
—I hope this is only the first of my Hallowe’en posts #closetghoul

ANTINATURAL[+] Carnival Freaks / Clown Outfit / M / BLACK (Lootbox gacha)
ANTINATURAL[+] Carnival Freaks / Ringmaster Tophat / BLACK (Lootbox gacha)
CURELESS [+] BunnyDoll / Hold / RED (oldish group gift still available)
Mad’ – Son of Satan FaceTattoo [group gift]
LeLutka.Head.Simone 3.3(static ears)
[ MUDSKIN ] _Anna # Bare_102
*Dura-Boys&Girls*40(Black) (old)
*PKC* Queen Septum – Unrigged
Ama. : Blood Splatter
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V4.1
location: Hallowe’en Town

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