Embroidered in the dungeon

No, now don’t get excited. This isn’t a new thing to do to your bottom’s body with needles and thread. This is an old-fashioned way of classing up your fetish gear. The Maria Shirt by Asteroid Box was a 50 Linden Friday special: there are smooth, sweet-looking snakes embroidered around the breasts and on the back. The floral pack of the Ila boots by Lybra gives us a bouquet stitched into blue denim. This look was supposed to conjure up another one of my modern mistresses or slaves—a player who doesn’t lead with their bared breasts. I figure this girl is a budding switch, trying to give out a top vibe. She’s a conscientious player. In some of her pouches she’s carrying things like dental floss for micro-bondage, rubber elastics for nipple torture, and clothes pins for tongue trapping. But she’s also packing healthy 72% dark chocolate for aftercare and a vial of arnica so she can alleviate any bottom’s pain, swelling, and bruising. (I carried arnica until I realized bottoms don’t want any of those things ameliorated.)

This is more like it: waiting in the dark at Sole, a femdom dungeon.

Legacy makeup my lovelies: old tat layers of bitty brows and face paint from ARISE.


AsteroidBox. Maria Shirt – Maitreya – FLF Exclusive

[CX] Hell’s Harbinger (Black Out+Silver) Maitreya collar

VINYL – Jello Shots: Panties – Maitreya

VINYL – Nerves Shorts – Maitreya Belt Pak Navy

LYBRA . ILA (maitreya) Floral Collection boots

.Olive. the Korine Hair Fatpack

Kibitz – Phoebe’s cuffs

Le Forme, Bento Nails Dk Blossom [MAITREYA]

La Malvada Mujer – The den of snakes  tattoo/1 (on Marketplace)

[Glam Affair] Anika Layer [Lelutka] 003 E

.e l e i. Nabi (lipgloss)

.ARISE. Drift Tattoo HARD (tintable) (olde)

.ARISE. Ela Brows / Black (olde)

Jack Spoon . summer BEAUTY MARKS2 (gift)

Rosier, Fragile eyes

LeLUTKA.Head.Lilly.2.5 (static ears)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

Lyrium, Val Idle Stands Breathing Poses

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