Gacha go gone gone

The news is grim for those of us who have loved gacha lo these ten+ years. Linden Labs have banned gachas as of August 31st on the grounds that they may constitute gambling and thus likely exploit psychological weaknesses in players. I have never gone too far when playing gacha. This is partly because I let the first couple of items determine where I’m going to take an outfit and then I buy the rest of it on Marketplace. (I’d say that my obsessive time-consuming gacha mania came when people set up places to sell their unwanted gachas. I cammed acres of Second Life as Area Search glitched. Marketplace saved me from this.) So say I’m playing Dami’s Agnes at The Crystal Heart Fair and I get a pair of red shoes on the first pull and a navy veil on the second and third. I don’t like the red shoes, so I decide to build an outfit around the veil. And look what an outfit I built! Items from fave gacha creators Cureless and Zenith, a very olde schoole camera, a rare flaming lei by E.V.E, and rare tats from Fallen Gods and The White Crow.

One of the other reasons I’ve never gone too far is because I have a habit of winning rare within four plays. Either rare isn’t that hard to come by or I am blessed. I had seen the tat by The White Crow, shown above, but couldn’t recall where. I got some help from a group and they pointed out it’s rare. I got it on the first pull and Portia has worn it consistently. Here she pairs it with a gacha ensemble by Luas. The rare tabi/okobo can be seen in my Hallowe’en complaint.

Two of my favorite gacha looks are kinky Odeur de Cuir and Vintage Romance from Enfant Terrible. You can still play these gachas. As of this writing they have not been discounted. Some creators’ gachas have been discounted. Some have been turned into fat packs at high prices like L5,000.

Cureless gachas have been discounted to 25L a pull. They are also available as fat packs. Here Portia wears a Cureless gacha bodysuit with lots of room for her heart. I have won many rare Cureless items over the years and I love the sexy horror they bring to Portia’s wardrobe. See one of the rare tats in When a Witch Shoots Playboy. (I didn’t blog this Easter look and I don’t recall who made the olde booming bunny ears, but the makeup is Izzie’s on Marketplace.)

Zenith’s skillfully created Medic Gacha was another inspiring product. All Zenith gachas are discounted to 25L.

Probably my favorite gacha item ever is the pygmy puffs, which are animated to stick out their tongues. They came in many desirable colours from Anya Ohmai’s Ohmai Emporium. Here Portia cuddles them in a skin by The Plastik, which is now Petrichor.

The one thing I hate is a gacha where the clothing is rare. In this case, Sweetie by Violent Seduction, I was able to gather all the accessories but not the dress. So Portia had a nude shoot. Sure, create special outfits that are rare but don’t make those the only things that keep your avi rated G. Here Portia sports a This is Wrong tattoo.

A big win for me was this fabulously bejewelled rare Gothic Queen avatar by Antielle and May’s Soul.

By far the biggest gacha craze I witnessed was the hammie frenzy when Beetlebones came out with deliciously colored small round hamster avis with the cutest butts you have ever seen. I wrote one of my best posts, Inside the Bubble, about the disparity in pricing and illogical designation of the most desirable of hammies. This was a long time ago, but I have this vague memory that the hammies could dance….

Credits for the first look

=Zenith=Shen le kimono (Cherry) -Maitreya (gacha) (discounted to 25L)

DAMI.AGNES LOOK #Veil-NAVY (gacha at Crystal Heart fair)

Fallen Gods Inc.+ THANATOS tattoo, Tintable RARE (all Fallen Gods gachas have been withdrawn already)

9 RARE -[TheWhiteCrow]- Blossom tattoo (I found no sign of this gacha instore)

CURELESS[+] Incubus&Succubus / Lilim Wings BENTO / RARE

CURELESS[+] Precious Gem / M / Crystal Leg / BLUE /

E.V.E Ink Flower Collar [Ethereal] Fire (play it for 50L)

Tee*fy, Vintage Grandpa’s Old Camera (Rare) (not available)

ionic, every day is a new house (whisper) 4 (ionic has a special section for old gachas but I don’t see this one)

[Glam Affair] Anika Layer [Lelutka] 003 E

.ARISE. Ela Brows / Black (olde)

TuTy’s – black hairbase tattoo 2 (olde)

LeLUTKA.Head.Lilly.2.5 (static ears)

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V5.3

What do you think?

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