Lost love

When I was 26 I fell in love with a married man who was twice my age. I had never met anyone with such PRESENCE. He was a feast and he had a huge appetite for me. Neither of us scraped by on salad with stale croutons.

It fell apart quickly but slowly. The days between me saying “I want to stop this” and actually stopping were numerous and long. We remained friends for a while after we stopped having sex. After I learned to go a month without him it was safe to have lunch. As time wore on, however, I needed to know whether he had truly been in love with me, so I asked him if we could talk about our relationship. He said “To talk about it would be to start it again.” I had no way of responding to that—the last thing I wanted was to dive in again. My enforced silence was the first stage in a resolution to stop seeing him. For good.

Twenty-four years after I made the decision to never contact him again a very small part of me wondered if I’d regret this. He’s my mother’s age, and she’s not well. What if he dies? I asked myself. Could I live with being too late? I’m going to have to live with it. He’s not dead but he is too ill to see me. We’re really never going to talk about it. And yet I don’t completely regret my decision to stay silent for a quarter of a century. All those years ago he checked out and left me holding the bag. I decided then to put the bag down. It’s down for eternity.


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